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Featured resume example: ux designer

Ux Designer Resume Example


Address: City, State, Zip Code
Phone: 000-000-0000
E-Mail: email@email.com


Innovative UX Designer with over seven years of successful experience in graphic and UX designs operating across numerous platforms. Versed in user experience development techniques for software and solutions. Trusted creator of efficient, accessible UX frameworks for audiences ranging from technical novices to highly-trained engineers


02/2016 to Current
Company Name, City, State

  • Maximized system performance without compromising end-user experience by applying iterative back end development updates.
  • Presented UX designs and solutions to a team of seven senior staff members including design managers, engineers and project managers, evangelizing for user-centric design decisions.
  • Applied both qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques to continuously improve end-user experiences, increasing user subscriptions by 15%.

07/2013 to 01/2016
Company Name, City, State

  • Collaborated with Test Automation Engineers to produce rapid UX iteration via automated diagnostics.
  • Used various technologies, including Dreamweaver to make code repairs and optimize corporate website.
  • Created over 50 new site layouts and user interface using HTML and CSS practices.

06/2012 to 06/2013
Company Name, City, State

  • Took concepts and produced design mockups and prototypes to strengthen designs, enhance user experiences and improve site interactions.
  • Created site layout and user interface using HTML and CSS practices
  • Conducted unit testing to deliver optimal browser functionality.


  • UX/UI design
  • Website optimization
  • Web development
  • Programming
  • Mobile design
  • Project management
  • Communication


Bachelor of Fine Arts : Graphic Design
05/2012, City, State

Top 4 characteristics of a best-in-class ux designer resume

  1. Summary Give a broad overview of your principal skills and work achievements, providing specific details to engage recruiters. For example: “Lead UX designer who consistently attains 95% client satisfaction scores,” or “Problem-solving ux designer resume example who delivers strong website and mobile concepts to improve enterprise web platforms.”
  2. Skills Review the job description and identify technical and soft skills that you should add to your resume, “interaction design,” “Adobe Creative Suite,” “visual communication,” ”web prototyping tools,” “detail-oriented,” and “problem-solving.”
  3. Work History Don’t list every little task from previous jobs. Use the PAR method when describing work history: Describe problems you identified, actions you took to solve them and your successful results. For example: “Increased user feedback by 25% by enhancing rating mechanisms and overall post-order experience.” Make your accomplishments measurable.
  4. Education List your top academic achievements (e.g., bachelor or master’s degrees), as well as training that links with UX designer work. For example:
    • BSc. Computer Science, Pomona College (2013)Excelled in UX Design classes
    • Executed Senior Project in Visual Communication
    • Wrote weekly column on UX Research for department blog

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Find the right template for your resume

Make your UX designer resume stand out by using these professionally-designed templates in our resume builder.


This template features colorful shading, with clean lines dividing sections, making them easy to read.


This simple, minimalistic design places the summary in the spotlight, while leaving plenty of space to customize other sections of the resume.


Boasting an eye-catching design, this layout “connects the dots” from the summary to the education section. The use of color in each section header draws attention to your most important credentials.

For more professional designs that recruiters love, visit our resume templates page.

Do’s and don’ts for your resume

  • DO optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems (ATS) Organizations often use ATS to filter worthy candidates, using predetermined keywords. Optimize your own resume to get a passing grade from ATS by reviewing the job posting for essential phrases (e.g., “interface development”) and mentioning skills and experiences that align with these keywords in your resume (e.g., “Developed two interfaces that raised CR by 3.5%”).
  • DO mention soft skills While UX design involves plenty of technical work, soft skills are also an essential part of the job. Recruiters will be looking for intangible assets that show how you approach work, such as effective collaboration, flexibility, excellent communication skills and the ability to be a team player. Mention these skills throughout your resume, including how you’ve put them into practice in your job history section.
  • DO use numbers and data When describing your work accomplishments, use numbers whenever possible to add context. Numbers can describe years of experience, amount of work done and bottom-line results. For example: “Redesigned 2 mobile applications that were featured in Apple’s App Store,” “Established and trained a team of 3 members to increase UX design output by 20%,” or “Instituted accelerated design processes that increased new business growth by 2x in first year.”
  • DON’T forget to proofread the resume Design work demands attention to detail, and a resume with glaring errors will create the opposite impression about your abilities. Scan your copy for grammatical and spelling errors before sending your resume in. If you have a trusted contact who can also review your work, it’s always good to get a second pair of eyes.
  • DON’T make the resume over-long Recruiters take only a few seconds to scan a resume, on average. Don’t lose their interest with an over-long resume — keep your document to one-page long (two pages at most if you’re applying for a high-level position that requires more details about your work history). Focus on relevant experiences and skills instead of a laundry list of every qualification you have.
  • DON’T include your entire work history You don’t want to give employers a rundown of every mundane task you’ve ever performed. Instead, focus on achievements and experience relevant to the job description. For example, if the job requires A/B testing proficiency, mention how you pioneered the use of A/B split testing at a previous job, and include stats on how successful you were, e.g., “facilitated response-rate gains of 25% on banner ads and landing pages through A/B testing.”

Ux designer resume FAQ

1. What skills are relevant to the position of a UX Designer?

Create a combination of technical and soft skills, pulling important terms from the job description as well as the following lists:

Technical skills:Soft skills:
SketchVerbal and written communication
User researchTeam Work
Interaction designDeductive reasoning
After EffectsConflict resolution
JavaScriptProject management
HTML and CSSAnalytical skills
Visual designTroubleshooting
Usability testingCritical thinking
Wireframing and prototypingActive listening
Web designFlexibility
Motion graphicsMultitasking
Interactive prototypingCustomer satisfaction
Mobile design
Concept development and creating whiteboards
Participatory design
Content analysis
3D modeling and printing
Technical skills:
User research
Interaction design
After Effects
Visual design
Usability testing
Wireframing and prototyping
Web design
Motion graphics
Interactive prototyping
Mobile design
Concept development and creating whiteboards
Participatory design
Content analysis
3D modeling and printing
Soft skills:
Verbal and written communication
Team Work
Deductive reasoning
Conflict resolution
Project management
Analytical skills
Critical thinking
Active listening
Customer satisfaction

2. How should you use action verbs in your resume?

Action verbs are essential for creating a strong impression with recruiters. Which of the below phrases sounds more like a proactive, energetic job seeker?

  • “Was responsible for workflows, wireframes, design mockups and prototypes”
  • “Created and managed workflows, wireframes, design mockups and prototypes”

When describing your work achievements, begin your statements with strong action verbs, such as the following:

  • Leading
  • Testing
  • Guiding
  • Negotiating
  • Researching
  • Building
  • Assessing
  • Collaborating
  • Organizing
  • Recommending
  • Presenting
  • Designing
  • Developing
  • Communicating

3. How should you format your resume?

Your resume format will be guided on how much experience the job requires, and how much experience you have. If you’re applying for a senior UX Designer role, use the chronological format, which focuses on an extensive work history section. If you’re applying for an entry-level job that doesn’t require a tremendous amount of experience, use the functional format, which gives more room to your most relevant skills, as well as your academic training.

4. How should you incorporate keywords into your resume?

Review the job description and take note of important keywords and phrases such as “monitor a large UX team,” “Produce intuitive and aesthetically pleasing UX designs,” or “Conduct heuristic evaluations of existing products.” Use these phrases, or add complementary skills and work experiences that address these keywords, in your summary, skills and work history sections.

5. How should you craft your resume if you are looking to move the next step forward in your career?

When applying for a senior role, remember that the recruiters want proof of your strategic and managerial skills. Therefore, include accomplishments such as the following:

  • Managing projects that impact user experience
  • Collaborating with different departments to establish a UX-centered design process
  • Providing leadership and mentorship to junior-level UX staff
  • Using UX skills to form better product and business strategies
  • Conducting workshops and educating team on the importance of UX methods