5 Common Airport Passenger Service Agent Interview Questions & Answers

Kellie Hanna, CPRW
By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: April 12, 2022
5 Common Questions For Airport Passenger Service Agent

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Going through the many steps of the job search process is a stressful and frustrating time for most people. Once you’ve been able to wow an employer with your resume and cover letter, though, you are almost at the end of the job hunting marathon. The final task is to show why you’re the top choice during your job interview in customer service. The best things to research for that final step are useful airport passenger service agent interview questions and amazing answers.

While there are plenty of general questions that your interviewer may ask, there are also specific questions related to the skills and duties of airport passenger service agents. No matter what your interviewer is asking of you, the end goal is the same. A hiring manager is trying to determine whether you would be a right fit for the organization. You can make things easier for yourself by reading about some of the most common questions and answers to expect.

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5 Airport Passenger Service Agent Interview Questions & Answers

This is an important job in the daily operations of most major airlines. Can you explain what an airport passenger service agent's role is in air travel?

The airport passenger service agent is the face of the airline. Their job is to make passengers feel at ease and welcome during all aspects of the trip. They must ensure that information regarding passenger needs is effectively communicated to other members of the team. Most of all, passenger service agents should be devoted to providing excellent service to travellers.

This job requires you to be able to use the computerized reservation system. What is your experience with technology?

I have always been comfortable with all forms of technology. In my previous job, I was proficient with their individual system for product orders. Additionally, I had to use various programs, such as Microsoft Word and Outlook, in order to prepare documents and maintain communication within the organization. Technology is a great tool that can make things much easier for businesses.

Sometimes in this job you may be required to provide special assistance to passengers. What is your experience with people who have special needs?

I have experience providing assistance to the elderly. Within my own family and some volunteer opportunities, I have helped seniors get around in order to complete their daily tasks. I’ve also helped with meal preparation and financial advice. Within the customer service industry, I am fully capable of being able to not only recognize when someone may be in need of special assistance, but also to be able to determine exactly what needs to happen to help an individual. My goal would be to make sure every passenger receives help through to their final destination.

This line of work sometimes may have you delivering bad news to customers. Can you describe a time when you started with bad news, but you ended up pleasing the customer?

There was a time in my previous position where a customer’s order was not in yet. There was a large winter storm in the county that had impacted shipping times during this time period. First, I let the customer know immediately that her order was going to be late. Then, I offered a discount on the next order. She was satisfied with the outcome, even though she received the order a week late. I learned that it’s important to keep customers updated as soon as possible with information, even if it’s bad news.

Within this industry, you have to monitor the baggage and customer weight. How do you deal with customers who either have bags that are too heavy or won't be able to fit in the seat?

For the baggage issue, I think that’s a common occurrence mostly because people don’t travel enough to know that there’s a weight limit. One solution would be to go through the line, before passengers get up to the desk, to remind them of the weight limit and to invite them to weigh their bags ahead of time. With an overweight passenger, I would do my best to gently let them know that they would need to purchase an additional seat.

Securing a prime customer service position in the travel industry can be possible if you do great during your in person interview. Practicing answering the top airport passenger service agent interview questions can get you on the right track.

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