5 Common Assistant Store Manager Interview Questions & Answers

When you discover that a store is looking for a new assistant manager, you need to go over your resume to ensure it has all the pertinent details you need. You also need to write a relevant cover letter that goes into detail about why you are the best person for the job. After all that, you still need to be ready for the interview. This is the make-or-break scenario where you need to stand apart from the other applicants to show why you will be the greatest asset to the company.

In addition to discussing your relevant qualifications and why you want to work at this store, you need to be ready to talk about pertinent leadership experiences. Your expertise with store management needs to be on full display in the interview, because this is the only shot you will have to prove you are prepared to tackle the responsibilities of this job. The following assistant store manager interview questions and answers will assist you in your preparation.

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5 Assistant Store Manager Interview Questions & Answers

1. Are you able to handle long hours and stress?

I understand the numerous responsibilities that come with being an assistant store manager and am capable of handling the stress associated with it. At my last job, it was not uncommon for me to work 10-hour shifts where I had to constantly be on my feet. One way that helps with handling everything is being able to delegate tasks efficiently. I would never want my colleagues to think I am simply unloading tasks on them, so I always express my utmost gratitude to the people who help me maintain the high level of quality of the store.

2. How would you handle customer complaints?

Having worked as an assistant manager in the past, I know how to handle difficult customers. Once I had a customer come in with a blender he said was broken, but it almost looked like someone had dropped it. The customer was really causing a scene and demanding his money back. I did not want to make other customers in the store uncomfortable, so I offered the difficult customer store credit, which seemed to resolve the situation. Should a complaint come up that I could not handle, I would likely ask for the assistance of the manager.

3. Do you have experience with firing or hiring personnel?

I have quite a bit of experience in the hiring process. At my last job, I would usually sit in with the manager any time she was interviewing a potential employee. She usually gave me an opportunity to ask a couple questions, and after we had interviewed everyone for the day, she would consult with me about my opinion regarding who was most qualified. I have only ever fired one person, and I only had to do it because the manager was out for the week and my employer wanted the employee in question gone immediately. It was difficult, but I managed to handle it successfully.

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4. Are you comfortable dealing with both low-level employees and upper management?

I understand that as an assistant manager, I will be required to interact with different individuals on a daily basis. When the employer gives me information to communicate to the entry-level employers, I am able to convey all of the material without leaving out a single detail. When issues come up at the store, I am the one who has to let upper management know.

5. How would you handle a difficult employee?

If issues came up with an employee, the first thing I would do is bring it to the attention of the manager. Once we had an employee constantly show up late. I brought it to the attention of the manager, who did not realize because he had other duties to attend to, and he was particularly upset because the employee in question was marking that he was showing up on time on his time card. The first thing I did was speak with the employee and tell him that if he ever showed up late again and lied about it, there would be much more severe consequences. The worker continued arriving late, so we ultimately had to terminate his employment.

Becoming an assistant manager comes with numerous opportunities for advancement. Land the job by studying these important assistant store manager interview questions and answers.

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