5 Common Bilingual Customer Service Representative Interview Questions & Answers

You have dedicated an immense amount of effort to creating a resume and cover letter that showcase your qualifications and convince employers that you are a great candidate. Now that you are about to face an interview, it is time to think about additional ways to demonstrate that you are a good fit for the job. Interviewers typically ask about information that is not readily available from your paperwork. Your resume tells them where you went to college and which software you are familiar with; bilingual customer service representative interview questions are aimed to find out how you will use your knowledge and skills in the workplace.

While your interviewer might start off with all-purpose questions about your strengths and weaknesses, expect to field specific questions. Here, we present some of the most commonly asked questions along with some sample answers to give you a springboard for formulating your own.

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5 Bilingual Customer Service Representative Interview Questions & Answers

1. Where did you learn your second language and what steps do you take to maintain proficiency?

I learned Russian growing up as a child of immigrant parents, which gave me a good grounding in conversational and colloquial speech. In college, I decided to expand my skills by taking Russian language courses. Currently, I speak Russian with my family and some friends. I also make sure to regularly read books and newspapers in Russian. Watching Russian-language movies and television programs is another way that I maintain and expand my skills in understanding and speaking the language.

2. Are you at all familiar with our product?

The last office I worked in used your printers, and I was extremely impressed with the high quality and durability. My coworkers and I found the operating instructions to be clear and intuitive. We were also impressed by the high level of customer support your company provides. I look forward to being part of that and to helping your customers get the most out of their printers and copiers.

3. Have you ever encountered a customer problem that you were not able to resolve?

At my previous job as a customer service representative for a company that sold cameras and accessories, I had several customers contact me because of a malfunction in one particular model. Unfortunately, this problem was not one that could be resolved through repairs or parts replacement as the issue was with the manufacture of that specific camera, so giving the customers a new one did not solve the issue either. According to my company's policy, exchanges could only be made for the same model. The best I could do for these customers was to offer refunds to those with recent purchases; however, refunds were not available for customers who had purchased their cameras more than three months prior. This was a situation where several customers remained deeply unsatisfied. I made sure to express empathy with their situation and regret at not being able to do anything further; as per company policy, I offered to escalate to a supervisor, which some of them took me up on.

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4. What are some ways that you build rapport with customers?

First and foremost, I strive to demonstrate through verbal and non-verbal cues that I am there to hear the customer's concern. I greet them in a friendly and open manner but take care not to seem pushy or overbearing. If the customer is visibly upset, it is very important to show empathy; when a customer feels that his or her concern is being downplayed or brushed off, the issue becomes very difficult to resolve. In my conversation with the customer, I make sure to convey that I understand how important the issue is and take visible and immediate action to resolve the problem.

5. What do you tell a customer when you do not know the answer to a question?

I find that customers value honesty and accuracy. If a customer asks me for information that I am not sure about, I will double check it before responding to the customer. First, however, I let the customer know that I do not have the answer right now. Sometimes, this can be done right in front of the customer if there are reference materials available or there is a coworker present who can help me. If the question needs lengthier research, I assure the customer that I will call with the information as soon as possible, and I make sure to then follow up.

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