5 Common Bank Teller Interview Questions & Answers

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You’ve landed the bank teller interview! As you prepare for the big day, take time to practice common bank teller interview questions to ensure you’re including your  interpersonal skills, bank teller software knowledge and customer service skills. 

In this quick guide, you’ll find:

  • 5 common bank teller interview questions and answers.
  • Tips to prepare for your assistant manager interview.
  • Resources to help you in your interview process.
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5 Bank Teller Interview Questions & Sample Answers

Beyond your resume, interviewers are trying to determine if you are the right fit with their bank teller interview questions. Make sure each answer includes keywords from the job description and watch your body language to keep a professional image. 

Why do you think customer service is an important skill for bank tellers to have?

Bank tellers are the everyday face for customers. In this interview questions for bank teller, an employer wants to find out what the candidate understands as good customer service skills and how they are able to provide it. 

Sample answer:

“One of a bank teller’s primary responsibilities is to work with customers, so I can imagine customer service skills are very important. I have never worked in a bank setting before, but I have worked in retail. I am sure the customer service part is very similar. A customer will come to me looking for help with a transaction. I have to be able to give information about banking options in a friendly and patient way even if the customer is in a bad mood. Without good customer service, many clients would choose to move their business elsewhere, which is really the entire reason it is so important for tellers to have outstanding customer service skills.”

How does this position fit into your overall career goals?

This is often a position used as an entry point to employment in a bank. Candidates may seek to grow their career within the same organization. Employers spend a long time training potential employees and with this bank teller interview question they want to know if you’re committed to their institution. 

Sample answer:

I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in agriculture finance. I know this bank is well known for its ag loans. I would like to gain hands-on experience while I finish my degree and then work my way up to an agriculture loan officer right here at this bank. In the meantime, I would like the opportunity to a teller first since it gives me work experience in a bank which is helpful for my career goals. I can also gain important knowledge about the workings of this bank, so should my plans succeed, I will be a prime candidate for the loan officer position.”

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Are you comfortable working with large sums of money?

Handling money is an everyday task for most bank tellers. With this bank teller interview question, interviewers want to know how you manage financial transactions, your ability to do so accurately and quickly and ensuring the customer feels safe and confident during the process.  

Sample answer:

For some people, the idea of working with a lot of money can be daunting. I have never understood this particular aversion. As a cashier at a gas station, I had to handle some money, but of course I would have to work with a large influx of money through a bank. I never had an issue with money-handling. I am good at math, so I was able to consistently give back accurate change. I think it is important to really take your time when you are handling large amounts of money so you can ensure you are doing everything accurately and not allow yourself to get flustered. Certain customers enjoy talking during the process, but I never found the conversations distracting from what I was supposed to be doing with the money when I worked at the gas station.”

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Do you know how to detect fraudulent checks and counterfeit cash?

A good, quick eye that does not draw attention to the issue at hand is key for bank tellers. Their quick response is imperative. With this interview question for a bank teller, employers will discern your knowledge and detection technique. 

Sample answer

“I do have experience using a counterfeit pen for cash, and I am aware of a few of the discrepancies to look for visually on printed money, such as the holograph and the thin vertical strip with the bill’s denomination. I am not as familiar with spotting fraudulent checks, but I am a very quick learner. I know the bank has some hands-on training, which I am sure would be enough to prepare me to detect fake checks.”

What qualities do you think are important in a bank teller and why?

This interview question for a bank teller will help the employer see if you understand the role. Beyond money handling, bank tellers are an important part of financial institutions. Their customer service, financial skills and speed can bring in more business or build a distrustful reputation. Providing the right answer could help you get to the next step. 

Sample answer

“In my opinion, the most important quality in a bank teller is honesty. I think honesty will help in the interactions with the customers, because sincerity can go a long way in making someone feel helped and heard. Honesty is also important because bank tellers are expected to handle a lot of money. If integrity is lacking, it can leave a  very negative image/experience for the bank in question.”

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Bank teller interview tips

  • Research the company — Use official channels like the company website and the news and, if possible, ask current or former employees about their experience. This will help you prepare for your interview questions for a bank teller
  • Use keywords from the job description in your answers — Save the job description and use its information to answer the questions. Mention your experience with tools, like teller platform software, product knowledge and transaction processing. 
  • Practice with others and in front of a mirror — Use these questions and check other commonly asked interview questions to prepare for your bank teller interview. 
  • Use the STAR interview method to answer your questions — Separate your complex answer into four areas with the STAR method. This method will help you answer complex questions and keep track of your thoughts during your bank teller interview. For example: 
    • Explain the Situation — “The issue we were facing…” 
    • Define your Task — “I was responsible for…”
    • Discuss the Actions — “We decided…”
    • Share the Results — “As a result,…”
  • Prepare questions for your interviewer — This is your chance to interview the interviewer. Prepare at least three questions to ask during or at the end of your bank teller interview. Think about what you’d like to know before continuing the interview rounds and also showcase your research with these questions. Feel free to bring a notebook or paper with your questions written down.
  • Bring hard copies of your resume and cover letter — Highlight your preparedness by bringing in a hard copy of your documents. You’ll leave a good impression by arriving at your bank teller interview ready to tackle any issues, even if it’s a finicky office printer. 

Bank teller interview questions key takeaways 

  • Practice before your bank teller interview using common questions and answers, like the examples on this page. 
  • Use the job description keywords to build the answers for your interview questions for a bank teller.
  • The STAR method can help you answer in an organized manner and keep track of your response to ensure you’re not missing any points. 

Bank teller interview questions FAQ

What questions to ask for a bank teller interview?

This is your chance to learn about the employer during your bank teller interview. Think about what you’re looking for in a new role and formulate questions to find out if this employer fits your career.

For example:

  • What is the career path for a bank teller? Is there room for advancement?
  • How do you measure performance? 
  • What tools do you provide tellers to improve their performance?
  • Why did you choose to work for this bank? 

Remember to tailor the questions to the specific employer, using the same research done before the interview. 

How to answer bank teller interview questions?

Use this guide to prepare for your interview and practice more interview questions. As you answer each bank teller interview question, ensure you’re using keywords from the job description and are emphasizing your interpersonal skills, like customer service, attention to detail and foreign languages. The STAR method will help you stay on track with each answer. 

Bank teller interview questions FAQ

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