What Interests You Most About This Position?

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During an interview, you will be asked a variety of questions. One of the most commonly asked ones is “what interests you most about this position?” This question may be asked in other forms, including “what is it about this position that you were drawn to?” and “what do you find interesting about this type of work?” When a hiring manager asks you a question like this one, they are typically trying to learn many different aspects about you. Your answer can tell the hiring manager a lot about you and your skills. Additionally, they want to see if you purposely applied for this job at that particular company and that you aren’t pursuing it simply for the sake of finding a job.

You may also be asked this question:  “Why do you want to change your job?” When answering this interview question, you must resist talking negatively about your current employer. Frame your answer in terms of career advancement or enrichment. Talk about how you’re looking to go to the next level in your career or talk about how you’re looking to gain a new skillset.

Your answer to this question will show whether or not you have a thorough grasp on the job description and that you fully understand and accept the duties you will have to complete. Also, hiring managers are interested in knowing that you chose this job based on your specific skills, expertise and experience in the field. Your answer will actually say a lot about you. Because of this, you should prepare a well-thought-out response ahead of time.

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How to Answer the Question: Why Are You Interested In This Position?

1. Use the Job Description

When answering interview questions such as this, it is a good idea to bring up the main points emphasized in the job description for the particular position. Consider what appealed to you. Then, talk about why you are interested in completing the certain task or why you would thoroughly enjoy having a specific responsibility.

By mentioning points from the job description, you will show hiring managers that you completely understand the nature of the work and that you are more than willing to complete it. This additionally shows that you didn’t apply for the job simply because you are just interested in making money.

Job Description

2. Talk About the Company

One mistake that interviewees make when asked this question is not mentioning anything about the particular company they applied to work for. Simply answering that you are interested in a position because of your passion to write will not cut it. The trick is to go into how your specific skills and values align with the characteristics and values of the company.

Your skills can be used anywhere and at other similar positions. Just mentioning a skill of yours will not tell a hiring manager why you want to work for their company in particular. You must let them know why you are eager to utilize your unique skillset at the specific organization. When forming your answer, ask yourself why after each statement to see if you can go deeper.

About The Company

3. Highlight Your Skills

The hiring manager is trying to determine what unique skills you have that will truly bring something special to the company. In your answer, it is very important that you don’t talk about why getting the job will be beneficial to you.

For instance, don’t say that this job would provide you with the opportunity to develop your marketing skills. The hiring manager does not need to know that. They are interested in learning what you can bring to the company. Talk about specific interests of yours and how your skills will truly help the company achieve success.

Highlight Skills

Why Do You Want To Work Here Example Answers

  1. I understand that you seek an individual with outstanding leadership skills. I have extensive experience building and leading teams to success, and I truly enjoy helping people work hard and achieve goals. I also have strong communication abilities, and I noticed that your company values individuals who are able to effectively communicate unique and creative ideas.

  2. By thoroughly reading your job listing for this position, I learned that you are looking for candidates with exceptional problem-solving and analytical abilities. I was drawn to this position because of my unique ability to identify problems quickly and come up with creative solutions. I have experience working on a number of different types of projects, solving various complex problems on teams of like-minded individuals. I have always worked hard to keep the quality of work produced by the company high. This position interested me because I saw an opportunity to do the same here. I would like to display my problem-solving skills and put them to good use in order to help this company excel. I value hard work and projects done with quality.

Learning about how to tackle these interview questions is extremely helpful when it comes to producing quality answers. Now that you know the ins and outs of this question, create a response that will really impress interviewers.

Similar Questions That Might be Asked

1. How Do You Make a Difference in Your Job?

When answering this interview question, keep your focus on the following:

  • Your dedication to making sure every work team you’re on succeeds
  • Your dedication to making sure all individual projects/task/assignments are completed to the absolute best of your ability
  • Your dedication to the company’s goals and/or mission

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