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4 Signs that You’ve Landed the Job of Your Dreams

After a long, exhausting job search, you've finally made your way through a three-stage interview process and received the voicemail you've been waiting for: you have an offer! But your difficult decisions aren't over just yet. What if the resume you submitted just this morning results in an interview next week? What if the interview you already have scheduled for next week goes well and results in another offer? In other words, what if you close yourself out of a better opportunity by accepting this one?

Here are two simple bits of advice for you: be decisive. When you choose a path, try not to look back. Time won't slow down for you while you hem and haw. And two: look over the list below. If you can answer yes to at least five of these questions about your pending position, accept the offer, move forward, and turn your full attention and energy toward the future.

1. Have you crunched the numbers?

You've been investing your whole heart in your search, and you've received about one interview invitation a month for the last four months. According to this pattern, you won't receive another one until three months from now, if you're lucky. And you have enough savings in your account to get you through only two more months before you hit serious trouble. Numbers don't lie. Say yes to this job.

Remember: all positions are temporary. Even if this gig doesn't pay very well or involves a difficult commute, you're not locked in for life. At this point, it's time to put dreamy notions about your ideal career aside and start getting practical.

2. Will the job bring you closer to your long-term goals?

Maybe you aren't sure you're going to get along with your boss, or the salary isn't as high as you hoped. But if this job will make you more eligible and qualified for a position two steps up the ladder—a position you really, really want—say yes. Look past short-term struggle and set your sites on long-term reward.

3. Will this job make you happy right now?

Even if this job isn't a life-long project, it might have plenty to offer you right now, and that's no small consideration. So what if your career path takes a slight side trip? While you're on this detour, anything can happen. You may make an important connection, learn something valuable about this field, or even expose yourself to an entire new industry that may be a better match for your personality and your interests.

4. Is this job right for your family?

Again, no job is ever permanent. And if you have to choose between spending the next year doing what's right for your loved ones or spending it indulging yourself at their expense, choose the first. Over the long term, you'll be glad you did.

A Strong Resume Will Keep Your Options Open

You feel great about your job offer, but you'll feel even better if you know this isn't the last one you'll receive in your lifetime. The stronger your resume, the greater and more diverse your options. And if you always have options, your career will stay in motion and you'll be better protected from occasional mistakes and missteps. Turn to MyPerfectResume for resume formatting tools and templates that can open doors all around you.

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