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International Job Opportunities: Africa and the Middle East



The Riley Guide: International Job Resources

International Job Opportunities:
Africa and the Middle East

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Regional Resources

Very nice source of job announcements across the Middle East and north Africa, with some additional coverage of other countries. Bayt.com maintains 12 regional offices in Abu Dhabi, Al Kuwait, Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Casablanca, Doha, Dubai, Eastern Province, Jeddah, Manama, and Riyadh, and contact information for all is available. The site is fully functional in Arabic, English, and French, and job seekers can do a lot of searching and reviewing of jobs and other career information before registering (free). Well done!

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Resources covering the African Continent

These resources provide listings that cross the borders between many of the countries located on this continent.

I am listing this site because of the limited number of resources for this region of the world combined with the quality of the listings I am seeing here. Affutjob claims to be a premiere site for listing employment opportunities in Africa. At the time of review, it contained numerous good listings with for-profit and non-profit organizations in countries across this continent. You can search by keywords, job categories, or locations. The reason I hesitate in my recommendation is that I cannot find any publicly listed contact information for the person(s) or organization who operates the site, the domain registration is based in Canada and is "anonymous", and while you can search and review very brief listings as a visitor, you must register your resume/CV (free) in order to view the full listing. Please review their privacy policy and their terms of service before creating your free account. Otherwise, the job opportunities look very good.
CA Global
"Africa for assignment throughout Africa. Our business philosophy is based on providing professional, personalized services to our clients through knowledge of their business, principles and culture. […] CA Global's main focus across Africa is Mining, Oil & Gas Upstream & Downstream, Finance, Banking, Information Technology, Engineering, NGO's, Hospitality, Agriculture and Manufacturing." Search for jobs and submit your CV right here. The website is available in English, French, and Portugese. The company is based in Cape Town, South Africa.
…an international employment search engine. You can search by keywords and location or browse the jobs by industry or location. They also offer subsets of the mega database by country. Select the CareerJet Worldwide tab to view the list of countries and target your search a bit more effectively.
…job listings for the African continent. Search by country, job category, and/or keyword. While application info is shown in each announcement, if you want to use their "apply online" feature then you must register and post your resume (free). Recent job postings are on the front page. Nice site with good listings.
"African Talent Intelligence." Located in South Africa, this agency combines "online employment solutions, advertising and direct search services for recruiters and the employers who require great hard-to-find talent. DiaspoCareers is a provider of a full array of job seeking, career management, recruitment and talent management products and services." They expand their reach by sourcing some announcements from other sites, but I think you will do best sticking with the listings for Africa. Jobseekers can register for free and create an account where they can upload resumes, save jobs, and create alerts to new postings, but before you do this, search around and know what they have. You can do a lot of looking without registering. They do not have an address on the site, but you will find their phone number on the page with Payment Information, along with many warnings about scams. No, you are not paying unless you opt to buy a service from them, such as training. The site is available in English or French.
…nice job service covering the African continent. Search by country, industry, and/or keyword, or look over the recent postings on the front page.
Job Serve Africa
…jobs in many countries on the African continent. At the time of review, South Africa had the most listings, but many other countries were represented, including Cameroon, Botswana, Ethiopa, and Ghana. To target the countries with listings, I suggest you click on the graphic of Africa under the "Search By Location" header on the front page as it will only show you the countries with listings. If you are more interested in searching by job sector, the categories at the bottom of the front page will be a faster entry. You can look around, check the country guides, and even view the full job listings without completing a free registration. My only complaints — no contact information, and you must register (include posting a resume/CV) in order to use their "apply now" feature. (Employer's contact information is included for each listing.) Job Serve Africa's domain registration information shows that the company is actually in Great Britain. Very good jobs for a region not well represented, but please be sure they offer what you want before you register your resume/CV here.
Search Beat! Africa Job and Career Centre
…this site bills itself as the One-Stop Web Directory and covers an eclectic array of topics from accounting to Y2K. This career center is an alphabetical listing of business and job/career web pages covering much of the continent.

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West Africa


Altpere Consulting
…offering Management Consulting services in Cameroon and other areas of Central and West Africa. Their services include recruiting as well as career counseling and outplacement assistance. Contact them to inquire about sumitting your CV for consideration, or to ask about their career counseling services.

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Modern Ghana
"Ghana's leading general news and information destination online." This includes everything you might expect from a newspaper, including classified ads and job announcements. The Modern Ghana Media Group also publishes a similar site for Nigeria.

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The Nigerian Voice
"Nigeria's leading general news and information destination online." Published by the Modern Ghana Media Group.
"Employing and Empowering Nigeria". Decent job site operated by JobSpace (see their listing under South Africa) for this country. For the time being, the fastest way to find the listings is to leave everything in the top search form blank and just hit "search" because not all jobs categories nor locations have listings.

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People Development
"Recruitment, Training, and Employment in Senegal and Africa". Please note that this site is in French, so I am using Google Translate to get a better understanding of what this firm offers. Along with their training and development services they offer executive recruiting services across Africa, especially West Africa. Based in Dakar, Senegal, they will advertise openings on behalf of their clients or make direct contact with potential candidates who they believe may be interested in what a new employer has to offer. They maintain a large database of executives who are interested in exploring new opportunities in this region and they have a proven track record in supporting regional development of international groups, and in the selection and assessment teams from top management down to operational. They have a number of open searches posted on their site. Please review these and submit your qualifications for any that interest you. If you see nothing at this time, they still welcome your CV. The Director of this firm is Yann E. Hazoume.

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South Africa

..an online IT Recruitment Centre that services the information technology employment sector in South Africa plus a few postings in other locations. Visitors can search the database, review listings, and also check the recruiters/employers who post here, but you must register (free) in order to apply for the jobs you find here.
Gulf Staffing
…headquartered in Cape Town, Gulf offers outsourcing services to clients across the country. Among these services they have over 4000 General Labour, Specialised Pickers and Heister & Reach Truck Drivers serving factories and warehouses in the Cape Town, Durban and Midrand area's. Contact a local office to schedule an interview.
The Job Centre
A national job board dedicated to listing top quality opportunities for South Africa. It does have very good listings, and you can see who has posted them (employers and recruiters). My only beef — no real contact information. The operator of this site also runs CompuJobs for the same country. You can search and read job announcements and look at who has posted them prior to registering, but the registration process includes listing your passport or National ID number, so I leave it to you to decide how comfortable you are in dealing with this site. The jobs look terrific.
…a South African Job Portal providing jobs and job seeker advice. You can search and review the many jobs as a visitor but you must register and provide a CV for their database to apply for the jobs and access many other resources available here. Please read their Privacy Policy for a full explanation of how employers and recruiters access your information, but I quote that policy: "JobNavigator (jobs.co.za) endeavors to qualify recruitment agencies making use of our databases as bona fida recruitment agencies. JobNavigator maintains a strict policy of not allowing employers to search our databases directly for the specific reason of concern over job seekers' confidentiality." (quoted May 1, 2008)
"Employing and Empowering South Africa." This free site offers job seekers in South African numerous postings. My only concern — there is absolutely no information on who is operating the site. I've looked at their domain registration — the site is operated from South Africa and there is some contact information provided there. All of the job listings I looked at included contact information for the employer along with application instructions, so you do not need to register (free) and upload your CV to the site unless you want to. In addition to the site they have a pretty active Facebook page and will answer inquiries and requests for assistance as much as possible.
Premier Personnel
…founded in 1982. Since its inception it has focussed on the placement of professionals in middle, senior and executive positions in the fields of Financial Services, Management Consulting and Information Technology. Now part of the Adcorp Group.

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Since these sites are primarily in French, I used Google Translate to assist in these reviews.

…very good jobs with numerous employers in this country. Free registration is required to post a resume/CV and apply to many of the jobs listed here, but you do not need to register to search and view the job announcements themselves. You can use the keyword search feature on the front page or scroll to the bottom of the page to select various industry/job family listings to browse just those categories.
La Tunisienne pour l´emploi
Jobs in all facets of IT in Tunisia ("business publishing software, internet, telemarketing and telecommunications"). This site is a web blog, so employers and recruiters can easily post their positions and you can easily review these by visiting the site, utilizing RSS feeds, or by email. The site is free to job seekers, and unless you want to sign up for email announcements or their Facebook page, there is no need to enter any personal information. I can find the name of the creator of the site, but no contact information.

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Middle East – Regional Resources

This includes resources covering multiple countries in the Middle East as well as those areas known as the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula.

…source of director jobs, VP jobs, and CEO jobs in the Middle East plus some other countries / regions of the world. They say they pre-screen the postings so you only see legitimate and appropriate listings. You can do a minor amount of searching and limited viewing without registering, but if you are at this level of experience and interested in the geographic areas they present, you may want to register. Scroll to the bottom of the front page to see a menu of what is currently in the database by Location, Industry, Function, and Career Level. They offer a free membership along with 2 levels of paid membership. CareerIntelligence.com is privately owned by The Methuselah Group Ltd., based in Hong Kong.
"A real midway among employers and job seekers to post and find their job in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Middle East. Employment and career opportunities of all categories in Government and Private Sector." According to their About Us, this is essentially a labor of love by a group of volunteers (students and others) who work to pull together job listings in these countries from a variety of resources. There is no contact information and while you can submit job applications online to employers who will accept them (they note those that do not), there is no real indication of where your application is going. You will have to judge this resource according to your own comfort levels. It is free and covers a unique niche in the online job market. In English.
Danger Zone Jobs.com
…"defense contractors & private military". If you are truly up for the adventure, this is a good place to look. There is a fee for access to the member area, but this includes job listings, company profiles, and the like. There is a good amount of free info you can review before pulling out the credit card, including many articles, so you can make a very informed decision about joining.
Gulf Jobs Market
Based in London, UK, this site specializes in the IT, Telecoms, Banking, Finance, Oil and Gas sectors in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other GCC and Pan-Arab countries. At the time of review there were over 1500 open job announcements posted here browsable by industry or country or found using keywords. While all visitors can search the site and review announcements, you will be required to register and post your resume/CV in order to apply for those jobs. This free, but please review the privacy policy and terms and conditions closely before you create this account. The only contact information provided is a phone number in London, so understand how your personal information will be used prior to registering. For persons who are extremely interested in finding work in this region, the Careers Advice section is filled with useful information.
…an independent directory and search engine covering job and employment related websites from the Arabian Gulf / Persian Gulf region, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq and Iran. In addition to all these links, it hosts its own job board. Job seekers are strongly urged to read the article on How to Use This Site before jumping in with both feet.
…a leading HR professional management organization in India offering placement and recruiting services around the world through a network of associates. Many of the listings they currently host are for placements in Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern locations as well as India.
…from the creators of Naukri.com, the job site for India, comes a nice looking site for the Middle East. Registration is not required to search and review listings here, but it will make the application process much easier. They cover more countries than they show on the front page, but not all countries in their "browse" list have jobs at all times. Still, it is well populated and a very easy-to-use site.

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AACI Israel Jobnet
…a product of the Association of Americans & Canadians in Israel, this is a searchable database for employment leads in Israel. Click the "search" button to access the database, then search by keywords or company, narrow your choice to all leads or only the most recent, and what part of the country you are targeting.
This site is in Hebrew, so I had to use Google Translate to review it. If you are fluent in Hebrew and do not agree with my review, or if you see problems with this site, please let me know. What I can tell you is it is a site offering free ads, including job ads. The site is based in Israel and they provide a fax number for contact if you prefer not to use their form, so I'm not sure I would recommend registering for an account unless you are completely comfortable with the site. You can search and review the full job announcements without registering, and most have contact information along with a way to submit your CV electronically. At the time of review they did list a lot of current listings in numerous job areas.
"Israel's most exciting and successful networking community!" This employment source for Israel, available in both English and Hebrew, was established in 2002 as a resource for the non-Hebrew speaking population. The Job Search feature is a bit complex, asking you for location, industry, and even preferred language (I was not able to access this feature well due to connection issues). Some areas of the site require registration for you to access them but you can access and use many features here without registering.

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Kawas Consulting
A retained executive search and project recruitment firm based in Beirut, Lebanon, that has helped place world-class leadership talent across the Middle East and many countries in Africa (their past assignments have included Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Libya, Iraq, Bahrain, Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania, and more). They handle searches that cross many industries. Highly qualified executives who are open to new opportunities are welcome to contact Kawas Consulting about submitting their qualifications.

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Saudi Arabia

A career search engine for Saudi Arabia, in Arabic. Alemhan is a product of CareerJet and has similar features as well as good data resources.

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United Arab Emirates

Dubai Employment Tips
…a website created by a couple of residents of Dubai sharing tips for finding employment in this region of the UAE (one of them is a recruiter). Information on the people behind this site and their phone number is posted under the About Us tab. If you wish to sign up for email tips you'll need to enter a name and email address; otherwise feel free to read the articles and review the extensive lists of recruiters and companies who work in this region. They have initiated a new service promoting your resume and allowing you access to much more targeted information and resources designed to help you find a job in Dubai. The service is available for a nominal fee.
MKR Recruitment: Hospitality Jobs in Dubai
…specialists in recruitment for the Dubai hospitality industry, including restaurants, bars and hotels in the city and positions include anything from chefs and waiters to hostesses and managers. They have a lot of information on their site about living and working in the UAE which you should read before considering moving to the UAE. They also have several good opportunities posted (you will need to register in order to submit your CV.) They maintain offices in London and Dubai. Please note: they are only considering candidates from Europe.

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