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International Job Opportunities: Asia and the Pacific Rim



The Riley Guide: International Job Resources

Regional Resources

…an international employment search engine. You can search by keywords and location or browse the jobs by industry or location. They also offer subsets of the mega database by country. Select the CareerJet Worldwide tab to view the list of countries and target your search a bit more effectively.
"Asia's Best Law Jobs." This site specializes in positions for lawyers attorneys paralegals legal secretaries and other legal support professionals across the Asia Pacific region. You can search and review listings without registering but you must create a free account (user ID and password only) in order to apply for any openings posted here. This site offers such great legal jobs Their address in Hong Kong is posted on the Privacy Policy and their phone number is on the Job Seeker registration form which means I didn't have to skip over what looks like a terrific site.
Job Access
…Job Access is a large HK recruitment firm specializing in recruiting and outsourcing for companies throughout Asia. Middle level positions with salaries from HK$400000 – HK$1m p.a. especially IT jobs.
…nice looking lead source for the Asia Pacific Region. Specific countries included are Australia Hong Kong India Indonesia Korea Malaysia Philippines Singapore Taiwan and Thailand. They also say "USA" but I think that is a pointer for you to find work there not here. Nice feature — you do not need to register your resume here to apply for jobs found here. The "Quick Apply" button includes a template for visitors to use copy-and-pasting your resume into the appropriate areas. At the time of review I found over 3700 jobs in Singapore over 4000 in Hong Kong.
Pacific Bridge
An international executive search firm and human resources consulting company focused on Asia. "Our company specializes in placing Asian returnees local candidates and expatriates in excellent jobs in global businesses related to Asia." They have numerous postings on the site and encourage you to register in their system as well as submit your resume for any position you see listed. Some of the positions are confidential searches so the employers are not listed while others are open searches. In either case be sure to follow the application process noted. A review of the current listings showed that most require the candidate to be bilingual in English plus a specific Asian language. Please note the citizenship requirements for the various jobs too.
Pacifica Consultants
…the consulting arm of Pacifica K.K. it is engaged in business consulting services in the Japanese and other key Asia Pacific markets in several areas including HR consulting and recruiting. Almost all positions require bilingual skills and they tell you at what level you need to speak both languages. Descriptions of their "level" is at the bottom of every page.
…a vertical search engine for jobs across Asia Pacific. You can easily search for jobs in one country or all of them represented by this site and the results will tell you not only who is offering the job but how long ago it was indexed from the original site (in many cases the employer's website). This site is available in English (default) and 3 other languages (Japanese Chinese and Vietnamese). You can register for a free account which will allow you to post a resume create alerts and save your searches but it is not necessary. For those of you wondering about the market for your skills in Asia Pacific check the recruit.net job index "based on an aggregation of job data from thousands of online sources across Australia China Hong Kong India Japan and Singapore. This includes jobs posted on corporate web sites job boards recruitment agencies online classifieds and newspapers."

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Information and Services for Jobseekers Australia.gov.au
This page from the Australian Government links you to the many services available to jobseekers in this country from jobs to career information to training and apprenticeships. Related categories on the right side connect you to Australian Government jobs State and Territory Government Jobs more career information (including a link to their military services.)
General Skilled Migration Program Australia Department of Immigration and Citizenship
"The General Skilled Migration Program is for professionals and other skilled migrants who are not sponsored by an employer and who have skills in particular occupations required in Australia. Applicants must be over 18 and under 45 years of age with good English language ability and recent skilled work experience or a recently completed eligible Australian qualification. Applicants must also have skills and qualifications for an occupation listed on Australia's Skilled Occupation List (SOL)." Much more information is available from this government website.
My Future
Australia's Career Information Service offers information for the professional assisting others and for the folks in need of the assistance. Click on the "facts" to access financial aid career and business startup information articles and work opportunities. You'll also find career events and an easy-to-use job search page.
…a website run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to provide information to consumers and small businesses about how to recognise avoid and report scams. Yay!
Little Black Book of Scams (Australian Edition)
Published by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission "the little black book of scams highlights a variety of popular scams that regularly target Australian consumers and small business in areas such as fake lotteries internet shopping mobile phones online banking employment and investment opportunities. It also offers consumers tips on how to protect themselves from scams what they can do to minimise damage if they do get scammed and how they can report a scam." Residents of Australia can order print copies at no cost or download the pocket guide or the full document for free (PDF format).
Australian JobSearch
Do a quick search for jobs by location and occupation or click on the section of the map to browse the jobs in that geographic area. This site also offers self-exploration and career information help with business startup and other articles of interest. Young job seekers who have left school will want to check out the Job Juice area.
…jobs posted directly plus the classifieds from over 100 newspapers in Australia.
Engineering Jobs Australia
…a job portal for Australian and New Zealand Engineers and Technical specialists. This web site offers information on jobs for people involved in the Engineering Mining Oil & Gas IT Petrochemical Building and Construction Civil Engineering Transport and Logistics Telecommunications sectors.
Fish & Nankivell Ogilvie Watson
…a pre-eminent Australian owned executive recruitment firm providing executive search and advertised recruitment services through two brands – Fish & Nankivell (retained search) and Ogilvie Watson (mid-level to senior advertised executive recruitment). They handle searches in various industries and functions across the country as well as internationally as members of Penrhyn International. They utilize the Bluesteps.com recruitment portal for candidate resumes and CVs.
…designed for job seekers returning to or emigrating to Australia. Operated by the same folks who run Workgateways for the UK this site offers information and select resources to assist you in your search. Please note: This company does not provide visa assistance. The site is free but you will need to register in order to make contact with recruiting agencies who handle non-citizen job seekers. There is a free searchable job database on this site (right side of the screen) but many of the listings require you to be a citizen or already in possession of a work visa.
…newer search engine for jobs in Australia. Like Indeed it offers some "refinements" for your search in the left column but it is a slightly different list that starts with Listed Date (how recently were these listings added to their database). They would like you to register (free requires email and password) will permit you to set up and manage job alerts and save searches but please note that there is no company contact information on the site. Their domain registration is public (registered to a company in New South Wales Australia) so it is up to you to decide. They also operate similar services for New Zealand Singapore and the US.
"Jobs in Australia." A career search engine specifically for Australia. My quick check showed that it was doing a pretty good job. Operated by AllGoob the same search engine company that runs the JobiJoba career sites for various countries you are encouraged to but not required to register. It means you can create job alerts and upload a resume/CV but I don't see any reason for your resume/CV to be on this site as selecting a job listing takes you to the original site where it was posted.
An agency based in the UK and Australia specializing in placing teachers in UK schools including qualified educators from Australia and New Zealand. This particular site is aimed at teachers from Australia and New Zealand wishing to teach in the UK and includes listings of open positions information on working as a teacher in the UK and much more. You can apply on the fly for listings here but they would appreciate you registering your CV so they can look for positions that match your skills.
…an integrated migration and recruitment company operated by an Australian registered migration agent and recruitment agent. If you are interested in the possibility of relocating from your current country to Australia Konnecting can help. First their website is filled with helpful information on visas the Skilled Occupations List settlement (the link to numerous helpful documents) and much more. Second they are a recruiter and have jobs which are open to immigrants who meet the skills and visa qualifications. You are welcome to submit a resume to any you see or to merely contact them with your resume or to discuss your possible relocation.
"Australia's #1 job site" offers tens of thousands of jobs including a separate web page for Executive Jobs.
Sydney Morning Herald
…news and more from Sydney. For jobs they link you to mycareer.com.au.
UniJobs: University Employment Pages
…a nice list linking together the vacancies pages for all universities in Australia New Zealand (also includes polytechnics) and the Pacific Islands. He also links to Jobs.ac.uk a one-stop search for university jobs in the U.K.
Working in Australia
…nice site designed for folks moving to Australia or returning to the country. Nice one-stop shop for all your potential employment immigration and moving needs. They suggest starting with the Occupations list to find employers who need your skills and each listing includes the name of the employer a business profile the specific skills sought immigration info for non-citizens specific listings and how to apply. Having your resume already registered with the site will make it easy for you to forward it to employers but you can also register it when you find a listing that interests you.

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China / Hong Kong / Taiwan

Direct HR | China Recruitment
A recruitment firm in China focused on this geographic market specialized in recruiting multi-lingual professionals with a technical background and strong soft skills. They claim to work very quickly to place the right candidate in an open position (8 weeks). They work in numerous industries including Automotive Chemicals Energy Engineering IT Supply Chain and Manufacturing. Contact information is available online along with the locations of their offices across China. This website is viewable in English Chinese (I do not know which dialect) and German.
…provides Hong Kong and southern-China-based expatriates with forums classifieds and resources. Expert moderators and veteran expats provide free friendly advice to participants. Registration for the forums means providing your name and email address. Privacy policy was not viewable at the time of review.
South China Morning Post
…includes the classified advertisements from this Hong Kong daily newspaper
Wang & Li Asia Resources
…placing bilingual professionals in China Taiwan Singapore and Hong Kong. Terrific information for job seekers on how to network in these regions planning a job search trip and taxes.

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…jobs and information on employers around the Delhi region of India (New Delhi Noida Gurgaon Faridabad and Ghaziabad). You can review listings or look at employers in the area including government agencies.
Click.In Classifieds
…jobs in India in various fields provided by OneIndia.
…a very large source for job listings in India. It is operated by Oswal Technologies in Jaipur Rajashtan and offers jobs along with career advice. Some areas of the site and some services will require you to register (free) but you can search and view the jobs without registering.
Corporate Business Support Solutions
Based in Bangalore this company offers recruiting along with other business support services. Job seekers can review jobs posted here but you must register in order to apply for any positions that interest you.
Euphony Human Resources
…recruiting to fill open positions in India primarily in IT or IT-related areas. There are a few other listings for administration and HR. My concern with this site is you cannot see a full job listing only title / location / skills and education required / experience level so you really have to go on faith when submitting your resume.
…a leading HR professional management organization in India offering placement and recruiting services around the world through a network of associates. Many of the listings they currently host are for placements in Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern locations as well as India.
Recruitment Consultants in Mumbai. Check out their section titled How to Get a Dream Job with articles on interviewing and sample resumes.
…career search engine customized for this country. This is a product of Jobsearch.net who also operate similar search engines for Australia New Zealand Singapore the UK and the USA.
"Employing and Empowering India." I am only listing this site because it is free and appears to have some very good jobs posted. I cannot find any information on who operates the site. Fortunately every job announcement I viewed provided direct contact information for the person who posted the announcement so you can apply for jobs viewed here without registering a CV. The site is free as is the CV registration should you decide to register and create an account.
…a comprehensive resource for job seekers and employers. Includes job leads which are less than 30 days old links to placement agencies and major employers in India and links to more resources for leads and career information in India. Some jobs are outside of the country. Updates twice a week usually Wednesday and Saturday.
…jobs in this country in many categories. Registration of your resume is not required to search the database or read the full job announcements but it is required in order for you to apply for the position.
Synergy Consultants
…providing executive search and human resource management consulting services to companies in India as well as companies sourcing potential candidates from this country. They also do some international search work. They are happy to receive CVs from highly qualified candidates and have some searches posted on their site although I am not sure how up-to-date these listings may be.

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Career Cross Japan
…a bilingual recruiter source for Japanese jobs in many countries including the United States and Japan. Of special interest is their information about living and working in these various countries.
…a searchable or browsable directory of over 4000 links to sites in or about Japan. Major topics include Art & Culture Business & Economy Computing Education Gastronomy (you know FOOD) and much more. Yes you will find links to companies associations and job sites under Business. Each listing is annotated so you know what you to expect and users can rate the sites.
O-Hayo Sensei The Newsletter of (Teaching) Jobs in Japan
…a free-subscription electronic newsletter that lists "the best currently available teaching (and other English language-related) positions at conversation schools universities jukus colleges public schools and companies all across Japan." Have the newsletter emailed to you or download it from the website. You’ll also find information about living and working in Japan.
…a website offering free listings for teachers of English or other languages in Japan. Yes you must be in Japan to register since this is where you will be teacher and no you do not need to teach English just any language other than Japanese. Students contact you privately you contract with the privately. This is just an advertising service for you.
Teacher in Japan
"Teach Languages in Japan." This free site offers speakers/instructors of languages other than Japanese the opportunity to advertise their services to students in Japan who would like lessons. They do not guarantee you will find students they are just a place for you to advertise your availability and services. You must be resident in Japan and have all necessary work documents or your account will be deleted. Operated by Anthony Teixeira who is himself resident in Osaka.

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Republic of Korea (South Korea)

ASK Now Inc. (Access South Korea Now)
ASK Now Inc. is a Canadian company that helps recent graduates find jobs teaching English in South Korea. They have great information on their website about who is eligible for these particular visas (your nationality is key) and who they are seeking (native speakers of English) and much more. There is no fee for you to use their services and they are honest about what you will be expected to cover (your visa fees).
Humansociety Corporation
Founded in 2005 in Seoul Korea Humansociety offers executive recruiting and other services across numerous industries and job fields. The English-language version of their website does not show a sample of searches but contact information and the names of their consultants is available. I was sent a short client list along with their request for review and they have worked with several well-known and well-regarded international companies.

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New Straits Times
…online news for Malaysia. As with other newspapers it offers Job listings but we were having trouble connecting to that service at this time.

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New Zealand

jobseeker New Zealand
…newer search engine for jobs in New Zealand. Like Indeed it offers some "refinements" for your search in the left column but it is a slightly different list that starts with Listed Date (how recently were these listings added to their database). They would like you to register (free requires email and password) will permit you to set up and manage job alerts and save searches but please note that there is no company contact information on the site. Their domain registration is public (registered to a company in New South Wales Australia) so it is up to you to decide. They also operate similar services for Australia Singapore and the US.
IPENZ: The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand
…the professional body for engineers and technologists in NZ. Their website includes free employment listings a directory of recruiters immigration info specific listings for students who want to work part time or during summers while still in school and a renumeration (salary) survey. You can read the summary and purchase the full report. The website has lots of other info for engineers in this country.
Medacs Healthcare
…providing temporary and permanent nursing medical and allied health solutions to the Health Sector in NZ as well as other countries. They offer good information on working in NZ and how to be qualified to work in this country if you are not a citizen.
…jobs in New Zealand. Browse the categories or search by classification/location. You can also view all jobs posted by a specific employer consultancy or IT consultancy.
Rob Law Maxrecruitment
…a leading provider of engineering and technical jobs across New Zealand. You can review a current list of searches and submit a CV for consideration for specific searches or register with them for future consideration.
Tonix Health Recruitment
…specialising in recruiting nurses and other health professionals to fill openings in New Zealand. They assist with immigration and certification for qualified non-citizens who wish to emigrate to the country. You can easily review current openings and submit a resume online.
Industry news career info and jobs for the New Zealand wine industry.
Working in New Zealand
…info on working and living in New Zealand designed for folks moving to or returning to this country. Very nice one-stop shop for info. They suggest starting with the Occupations list to find employers who need your skills and each listing includes the name of the employer a business profile the specific skills sought immigration info for non-citizens specific listings and how to apply. Having your resume already registered with the site will make it easy for you to forward it to employers but you can also register it when you find a listing that interests you.

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…CareerJet, an employment search engine, has branded this particular site for the country of Pakistan. You can find links to other countries covered by this job indexer under the CareerJet Worldwide tab.
"A real midway among employers and job seekers to post and find their job in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Middle East. Employment and career opportunities of all categories in Government and Private Sector." According to their About Us, this is essentially a labor of love by a group of volunteers (students and others) who work to pull together job listings in these countries from a variety of resources. There is no contact information and while you can submit job applications online to employers who will accept them (they note those that do not), there is no real indication of where your application is going. You will have to judge this resource according to your own comfort levels. It is free and covers a unique niche in the online job market. In English.
…jobs in Pakistan (Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and other cities). You can look at the jobs without registering, but you will need to register in order to apply for listings found here.
I am not sure who is operating this site (it is registered to someone in Punjab, PK), but the very fact that it includes Pakistan makes it unique in my book. It also covers several countries from the Middle East and Central Europe. The fastest way to search is to merely select the name of the country you wish to target from the list just below the top box with all the job categories. Most ads appear to have an email address for applications; you will need to register (free) to use the "Apply Now" button.

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Department of Labor and Employment, Republic of the Philippines
"The Department of Labor and Employment stands as the national government agency mandated to formulate policies, implement programs and services, and serve as the policy-coordinating arm of the Executive Branch in the field of labor and employment." They host their own job board. Philippine citizens being recruited to work abroad should check the status of their placement agency (all must be registered), and also review information provided by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration regarding your rights as well as the risks you face.
Department of Foreign Affairs, Republic of the Philippines
This department website now serves as the official government website for this country. From here you can find information and links to the other government departments and agencies.
Tanikalang Ginto
Tanikalang Ginto is a huge human-edited web directory. Operated by Ken Ilio, Tanikalang Ginto has been online since 1994. Yes, you'll find a section for Job Opportunities, but users of my site will always remember that I encourage you to think "employers" and "possibilities," not just "jobs."

You should also check the resources listed under Singapore.

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Contact Singapore
General information about Singapore and what it is like to live and work here. Under Career Opportunities the site offers a small database of very good jobs called "Hot Jobs in Singapore." You can also connect to some other job sites featuring jobs in Singapore.
…job and resume database for Singapore. You do not need to register in order to review the jobs nor apply to them, but their form for nonregistered users will automatically store a copy of what you list here in their database. You have the option of placing it in the private database where it will not be accessible by recruiters and employers.
…newer search engine for jobs in Singapore. Like Indeed, it offers some "refinements" for your search in the left column, but it is a slightly different list that starts with Listed Date (how recently were these listings added to their database). They would like you to register (free, requires email and password), will permit you to set up and manage job alerts and save searches, but please note that there is no company contact information on the site. Their domain registration is public (registered to a company in New South Wales, Australia), so it is up to you to decide. They also operate similar services for Australia, New Zealand, and the US.
JobStreet.com Singapore
Nice site with nice opportunities for Singapore. Select the "Jobs" tab to review all the jobs sorted by date of posting, industry, specialization, or postion level. JobStreet also has sites for India, Malaysia, and the Philippines. My biggest complaint is you must register your resume in order to apply for any listings found here. U.S. job seekers will notice that a lot of personal information is required, including date of birth, marital status, and gender. You also need an identity number, which I imagine is proof of your eligibility to work in Singapore.
Singapore Economic Development Board
… detailed information about specific industries in Singapore. Click on Living in Singapore or Working in Singapore to access helpful tips about the culture, finding jobs, and living the good life.
…good looking jobs in finance, accounting, and banking in Singapore. The job opportunities listed are from recruiters in Singapore and cover a wide range of vacancies for accountants, investment bankers, traders, asset managers, financial analysts, risk managers, treasurers, auditors, graduate trainees and many other roles in the financial sector. Search by financial sector, job title, recruiter, employer, or qualification. You can search the listings and review them without registering, but you will need to register in order to apply for the listings here. This site is operated by Top Jobs Asia Pte. Ltd.
…contract and permanent jobs for IT professionals in Singapore. Search by Role, Skill, recruiting agency, or direct employer. You can search and review listings without registering but applications require you to register. This site is operated by Top Jobs Asia Pte. Ltd.

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Sri Lanka

ikman jobs
…search these sites by keywords and locations or browse by Profession, Job Category, and Location. All users can look at the announcements, but only registered users will be able to forward resumes/CVs in response to listing they see. This is one part of a large job portal covering numerous countries. Registration is free, you only need to do it once to cover the full portal, and it does not require you upload your resume/CV to the site. You can easily switch between countries (scroll to the bottom of the front page).
Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment
This Bureau was established by the government to oversee the recruitment of citizens of Sri Lanka to work in other countries. They maintain a database of opportunities for Sri Lankans and they oversee local recruiters working to fill overseas positions.

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Department of Employment, Thailand
Jobs listed with this agency. They also supervise Thai nationals working overseas as well as foreign nationals working in Thailand. Several good professional positions in their database.
Founded in 1990, PRTR is "one of Thailand’s most successful independent recruitment, human resource outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, staff outsourcing, sales force outsourcing and business process outsourcing companies." Interested applicants can review current vacancies they are working to fill in accounting, administration, computing, engineering, HR, management, sales, and other areas (I saw architecture and security at the time of review). They also have listings for contract opportunities. PRTR also operates an executive search firm, PRTRExecutive, and and a separate service for the Eastern Seaboard area of Thailand, PRTR-ES.

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…job listings in Vietnam. Job seekers can search jobs, post resumes, and set up job search agents. Registration is required in order to search the jobs, but that does not mean posting your resume unless you find jobs here that interest you and you want to use their one-button "apply now" feature. Website can be viewed in English or Tieng Viet. I suggest searching "all locations" no matter what job family you select.
…this job meta-search engine has a specific gateway for Vietnam. In Vietnamese.
…employment opportunities in Vietnam. The site is primarily in Vietnamese, but can also be viewed to some extent in English and Japanese. Numerous very good positions listed here at the time of review.

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