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Ah, spring is in the air. Now is the perfect time to find a summer job. Most seasonal employers don't wait until the last minute to staff their busy businesses for the summer. They do this in advance so they don't miss a beat as the peak season heats up. Get ready for this. Follow these four tips and you'll snag a job faster than a Kardashian snaps a flattering selfie.

Ask yourself: money or experience?

Before you search for a summer job, make an important decision. Are you looking for just money? This is a perfectly valid reason. On the other hand, do you want an internship to launch your future career? Your search will take a different shape depending on your answer. Get this resolved first.

For a paycheck, start submitting applications

No matter where you live, there are nearby employers looking for inexpensive summer help. You can start with the nearest mall, box store, or office complex. Don't worry about the specific nature of your skills — if you're hard working, cheerful, tidy, and committed, you have everything you need. The pizzeria can teach you to make pizzas and the retail store can teach you to use the register. Don't let concerns about your qualifications hold you back. Just go forth. Visit the nearest likely location and ask for application information. After, hit the next one.

For experience, research first

If you're planning to become a microbiologist, a summer spent washing lab equipment might provide more long term benefit than a summer spent stacking boxes in a warehouse. The same applies to many other fields that expect candidates to hold relevant experience before they step into full-time after graduation. For these kinds of summer jobs, turn to two primary resources: your network (teachers, family members, neighbors, and friends) and the internet. Determine the exact kind of experience you'd like to gain. Be willing to settle for a position close to that bullseye.

A few specific examples

Are you interested in child development or education? Find a local summer camp, tutoring group, or childcare facility. For a career in the sciences, reach out to a local university, vet's office, or healthcare facility and ask how you can help. For a career in the arts, try a local gallery or theater company; get ready for hands-on labor. Imagine your dream workplace, then find a version that exists somewhere close to you and move in that direction. Avoid working for free, but keep your salary expectations reasonable.

If you don't know what you want to do, understand that a summer job is a great way to test the waters. Stay flexible and present an air of confidence and industry. Don't worry about your experience; most employers aren't looking for experience at your level. But they do like to see reliability and a positive attitude. Turn to MyPerfectResume for guidance and application tips.

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