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4 Tips for First Time Job Seekers

If you'll be graduating within the next few months, you'll want to start looking for a job right now…As it
happens, the modern job search can take time, and no matter how well qualified you may be for the
entry level positions you'll be pursuing, the short sprint you have in mind may easily turn into a
marathon. So get ready for the adventures that lie ahead, and know that even if takes a while to find it,
one of those glowing windows out there in the cityscape is the window to your future office. The chair is
there, the desk is there; the only thing missing is you. Follow these steps and you'll reach your
destination a little faster.

1. Be a "go-getter" (even though there is no such thing).

"Go-getter" is a common buzzword that has absolutely no meaning. There is no such person. Everyone
on the market is actively looking for a job, and every job seeker is doing everything within their power to
land their next gig. But even though this term describes everybody and nobody, some managers still buy
into the myth of the job seeker who just "wants it more". And they know this quality (or think they do)
when they see it: A bright smile, upright posture, direct gaze, strong handshake, and a driving life force
that comes from within and burns like an underground volcano of power, will, and energy. Be this
person…or at least look like her. Act the part, dress the part, and you'll get the part.

2. Don't sit still.

If you find yourself setting aside five hours each day for your job search and then spending three of
those hours surfing social media sites, stop. Recognize your error and change course. Turn off the wi-fi
or find another way to hold yourself accountable for how you spend your most precious form of capital:
your time. Don't sit still, don't waste your resources, and don't keep doing things that you know aren't
helping you.

3. Embarrass yourself.

When it comes to extroverted behavior, persistent follow-up, and reaching out to cold call people who
can help you, march right up to the line that defines your comfort zone. Then step over it. If asking for
help makes you queasy, ask anyway, then congratulate yourself for doing something that you find
especially difficult. If you're shy, don't just step out of your shell—smash through it. You can always
climb back in later after your interview or networking event comes to an end. Respect who you are and
respect the limits of your personality and comfort zones…But that doesn't mean you have to obey them.

4. Create a dazzling resume and cover letter package.

This means treating your resume and cover letter like a constant work in progress. These two items are
the most important things in your job search tool kit, so don't stop perfecting, adjusting, polishing and
improving them. No matter how amazing they are, they can always be better. Visit MyPerfectResume
for tools and tips that can bring out your inner marketing pro.

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