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Ranch Hand Cover Letter Example + Tips

Cover letters are extremely important when applying for a job, as they are a way for prospective employers to get to know you a bit more personally. They are also a way for you to share examples of how you are perfect for the specific opening that’s being advertised.Using a free ranch hand cover letter sample like the one below is a great way to get you started creating this critical document. Along with the extra tips, it can inspire your creativity and help ensure that you haven’t overlooked anything.

Dear Mr. Burns,

I understand you have a job opening at your ranch, and it sounds almost too good to be true. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for and, with my experience, I think I’m perfect for the position.

I’ve spent my whole life working on a ranch, as my family owned one up until recently. Unfortunately, they were forced to sell and I’ve found myself without a job. More than the employment itself, I find that I’m missing being with the animals and all the smells and sounds that go along with it. Ranching is in my blood, and I would love to get back to it at the Circle K Ranch.

My specialty was always with our horses. In addition to feeding and grooming them, I also had the opportunity to do some breaking and training as well. My favorite time of year was when foaling came around and I helped with that as well.

I would love to sit down with you at your convenience to talk about how my skills will be a great addition to your ranch. Thanks for your time.

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What to Include in a Ranch Hand Cover Letter

As you review the free ranch hand cover letter sample, you can see that there are some techniques for writing a good one. Think about what kind of skills are necessary for the specific job being posted and show how your experience fits, without repeating exactly what’s on your resume. Be engaging and personable. Be sure to thank the person reading it.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Cover letters should always be written for the exact job that you want to apply for, showing the skill set that is required. Here are some of the important assets for a ranch hand to have and which can be included to augment the free ranch hand cover letter sample above.

● Physical Strength: Being a ranch hand is hard work, so no matter how good your other skills may be, you can’t do the job without the proper physical strength and stamina.
● Good With Animals: A ranch hand needs to have a calm, patient personality, and know how to use that with the animals that are an integral part of the job.
● Maintenance Knowledge: Simple repairs and maintenance around the ranch often fall to a ranch hand to complete.
● Time Management: There’s a lot to do each day on the ranch, so a ranch hand needs to be able to prioritize.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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