How to Include Accomplishments on Your Resume (with Examples)

Kellie Hanna, CPRW
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Don’t just tell the employer what you did in your previous jobs — show them how good you are at what you do. Work accomplishments and quantifiable achievements help set your resume apart by clearly explaining what you’ve achieved in your career, going beyond daily tasks and job responsibilities.

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These accomplishments may be written in terms of the number of people you managed, a percentage you or your team helped improve an outcome, the average number of calls you made daily, or the dollar amount you brought in revenue from sales. Quantifiable metrics are so valuable that job seekers who use numbers in their resumes see a 40% boost over the competition.

Read on to learn all the tips and tricks on effectively presenting accomplishments on your resume.

The benefits of including accomplishments on your resume

When writing a resume, quantifying your performance and highlighting your work accomplishments is a highly effective way to show the employer your value and how hard you work. Here’s why:

  1. They help you make a lasting impression.

    Using numbers on your resume will help recruiters and hiring managers better understand what you did at your previous jobs and visualize what you might add to the team should they hire you.

  2. Numbers are often better indicators of impact.

    A phrase like “answered an average of 30 calls per hour” provides a lot more detail than simply saying you answered phone calls. Numbers state precisely how effectively you work. Additionally, they can show hiring managers how results-oriented you are.

  3. They show you go above and beyond.

    Every employer wants to hire someone they can rely on. Work accomplishments and quantifiable achievements speak volumes of who you are as a professional and how seriously you take your job.

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How to write accomplishments in your resume

Putting together a list of quantifiable achievements is a lot easier than you think. Think of the following elements:

Time management

What was the timeframe to complete a task? On average, how many times a week did you work on a task? Accomplishments that answer these questions might look like this:

  • Developed product prototypes by using customer feedback and budget information within two months.
  • Held weekly meetings to organize and distribute tasks for each new product launch with engineering, manufacturing and marketing teams.

Clients, teammates and budgets

How many people did you work with on a project or manage? How big was the budget you were assigned? How many clients did you work with? With these questions in mind, your accomplishments might look like this:

  • Developed unique strategies for 15+ clients in traditional and social media for brands like Vicky and Tum Chocolate.
  • Oversaw and effectively utilized $8 million budget on Kira International’s global campaign, increasing brand awareness and engagement by 70%.
  • Directed a team of eight account executives and helped them maintain positive client relationships.

The results of your work

When possible, include the results of your hard work. For example:

  • Discussed company budget needs and pricing with shipping companies and materials management to help reduce costs by 15% and increase profitability.
  • Incorporated between 11.5k and 30.3k SEO keywords into copy to increase search result rankings, producing high conversion rates.
  • Maximized employee morale and productivity by 20%, ensuring staff is well-briefed and constantly motivated on all aspects of their work daily.

If you don’t have enough work experience to include quantifiable achievements, don’t worry! We have an in-depth and helpful guide on How to Write a Resume With No Experience, as well as a guide on how to write a resume if you’re a high school student.

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Where you should list accomplishments

Now that we know why including accomplishments on your resume is beneficial, let’s discuss where they go. There are two sections on your resume to include your top accomplishments: the resume summary and work history.

Resume summary

Picture a resume summary as your “elevator pitch.” In two to three sentences, highlight the most important skills and achievements relevant to the job you’re applying for. The most common metric used in this section is years of experience, but if you managed a team or successfully executed special projects, you could mention them too.

Work history

For each job in your work history section, you should include three to five bullet points to highlight your top accomplishments. Not all of them have to include metrics; for those that don’t, explain how you’ve put your best skills to use.

Resume Sections

Accomplishment examples for top professions

If you need an extra hand to put together your work accomplishments and quantifiable achievements, use these examples as a guide. You can also explore our library of resume examples, including examples for many other industries and jobs.


Industry: Graphic and web design

UX designer

  • Maximized system performance, enhancing the end-user experience by applying iterative front-end development updates.
  • Monitored emerging UX design trends and practices for practical techniques and cutting-edge developments suitable for integration into future projects.
  • Communicated with two product managers and three other UX designers to translate project requirements and business objectives into polished user interfaces.

Graphic designer

  • Completed in-depth product design tests with the help of different software, models, and design systems, including InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
  • Designed website layouts, templates, and unique branded looks for brands like Nike and Aquafina.
  • Worked with 14 clients to gather and define requirements, establish scopes, and manage project milestones each month.

Creative director

  • Led one to two creative team meetings each day to share ideas and bring actionable plans to fruition.
  • Created marketing plans and devised strategic communication approaches.
  • Met customer needs and accomplished creative visions by overseeing strategic, focused campaigns.

Industry: Marketing

Product manager

  • Conceptualized and deployed enhanced Uber, Starbucks, and Ikea product features and optimized implementation for use in marketing strategies.
  • Established criteria for each milestone within the product roadmap as means to measure developmental progress.
  • Attained margins of more than 90% while leading market strategy product development.

Account manager

  • Delivered engaging and polished presentations to highlight brands’ products and draw favorable competitor comparisons.
  • Secured high-value accounts through consultative selling, effective customer solutions, and promoting compelling business opportunities.
  • Achieved monthly quota and grew sales to $10,000 within one quarter.

Social media manager

  • Analyzed and reported Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google marketing campaign results.
  • Devised strategies and roadmaps to support product vision, two copywriters, one creative director, and value to the business.
  • Developed Twitter strategy for analytic reporters and editors, enabling 110+ clicks.

Industry: Medical

Speech-language pathologist

  • Assisted speech therapy patients in functioning adequately in home, community, and school environments.
  • Evaluated speech and language abilities by administering diagnostic tests, including SLP Testing.
  • Treated children between ages two to 18 with speech and language development problems.


  • Leveraged the entire field of optometric instruments and equipment to determine patient visual acuity, the amplitude of accommodation, and refractive state.
  • Owned and operated private optometry practice and partnered with administrative staff to plan schedules and promote services.
  • Conducted monthly inventory of eyeglasses frames and prescription contact lenses, maintained stock levels and submitted orders to vendors.

Dialysis technician

  • Set up and operated dialysis machines for patients receiving treatment for kidney failure.
  • Cleaned and disinfected hemodialysis machines, chairs, trays, room, and equipment.
  • Explained dialysis procedures to 10+ patients and answered questions and concerns before starting dialysis each day.

Industry: Web development

Web developer

  • Provided front-end website development using WordPress, Hubspot, and other editing software.
  • Planned website improvement for 10 clients, converting mockups into usable web presence with HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, and JSON coding.
  • Conducted functional testing over the course of the web development lifecycle.

Full-stack developer

  • Consulted with three workmates from the engineering team members to determine system loads and develop improvement plans.
  • Adjusted design parameters to boost performance and incorporate new features.
  • Boosted network, system, and data availability and integrity through preventive maintenance and upgrades, with both the front and back ends of a website or application.

UI developer

  • Collaborated with two Frontend Developers to integrate UI features complying with prescribed code standards and technical design guidelines.
  • Designed UIs within frontend web frameworks such as React.js, exploiting associated templates and tools to shorten development times.
  • Evaluated user research to convert abstract ideas and requirements into planning tools such as journey maps, user personas, and storyboards.

Industry: Education

School counselor

  • Provided crisis intervention in response to emergencies, employing existing trust and rapport to deescalate situations.
  • Reviewed and discussed new students’ academic credentials, interests, and educational goals.
  • Used data using SCUTA to monitor 135 students’ progress and recommend solutions for improvement.

Resident assistant

  • Encouraged 200+ students’ participation in community and social university-sponsored programs.
  • Promoted and sustained organic leadership by maintaining positive peer-leader relationships and supporting the goals of each resident.
  • Contributed to monthly staff meetings, sharing progress reports and providing suggestions on potential operational improvements.


  • Modeled expected and appropriate leadership in promoting positive interaction with students and families to teaching staff and administrative personnel.
  • Monitored and evaluated educational programs, including special education and job training to maintain high-quality performance objectives and standards.
  • Led meetings to convey policy changes, gather information, and assess 132 employee thoughts.

Industry: Media and communication


  • Consulted specialized dictionaries, thesauruses, and reference books to identify closest equivalents for nuanced terminology, words, and phrases.
  • Translated over 100 documents in English and French.
  • Replicated flow, style, and overall meaning of original texts.

Audio engineer

  • Captured and recorded audio using standard field audio equipment, such as wireless microphone systems.
  • Collaborated with producers and performers to determine and achieve the desired sound for productions.
  • Set up, maintained, and operated audio recording equipment and performed troubleshooting and audio system breakdown for online streaming, podcast, and digital journalism broadcasts.


  • Provided oral interpretations for clients during special events, successfully maintaining pace with native speakers to deliver real-time comprehension.
  • Listened to non-English video dialogue and developed translation into target language to prepare subtitle scripts.
  • Last year, I attended over 10 training programs, including bilingualism and literacy, to improve professional knowledge and interpretation skills.

Industry: Copywriting


  • Proofread copy written by six colleagues to correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Completed thorough research into assigned topics on social issues and the environment.
  • Developed and published original content for fiction, nonfiction, and short stories, such as “The Line Between” and “Neighbor’s Dog.”


  • Determined readiness of written pieces, made changes and approved final versions for publication.
  • Devised attention-grabbing headlines and summaries for articles for Vice and Inventory.
  • Modified written content from three writers each month.


Technical writer

  • Utilized exceptional writing, editing, and proofreading skills to produce engaging and error-free content.
  • Carefully documented technical workflows in the private wiki for the education of newly hired employees.
  • Wrote 500+ word assignments according to instructions.

Industry: Computer software

Software engineer

  • Wrote highly maintainable, solid code for the software system, forming core framework and earning consistent praise from subsequent developers since the initial version.
  • Served as subject matter expert on coding languages for both clients and internal team members.
  • Researched, designed, and wrote new software programs for 10 business applications last year.

Software developer

  • Revised, modularized, and updated old code bases to modern development standards, reducing operating costs and improving functionality.
  • Collaborated with five project managers to select ambitiously but realistic coding milestones on pre-release software project development.
  • Planned and developed interfaces that simplified overall management and offered ease of use.

JAVA developer

  • Developed websites and software to increase department efficiency, driving productivity by 70%.
  • Designed, produced, and implemented software applications for a website based on analyzed requirements and understanding of industry technical standards.
  • Participated in performance analysis, design, development, and testing.

Industry: Health Care support

Medical assistant

  • Directed 20+ patients to exam rooms, fielded questions and prepared for physician examinations during each shift.
  • Assisted with routine checks and diagnostic testing by collecting and processing specimens.
  • Supported duties for diagnostic and technical treatment procedures, such as setting up and operating special medical equipment and apparatus.


  • Followed three physicians’ orders to administer therapeutic phlebotomy correctly.
  • Centrifuged blood samples as outlined in clinical protocols.
  • Labeled transfer tubes and followed exact directions for handling and storing specimens for transport.

Medical receptionist

  • Coordinated over 50 patients’ scheduling, check-in, check-out, and billing payments each month.
  • Performed clerical duties, such as word processing, data entry, answering phones, and filing.
  • Arranged surgeries with the surgical center, confirming times with patients and preparing admission and consent forms.

Industry: Information technology

Scrum master

  • Applied agile methodology to shorten cycle time and achieve target margins.
  • Worked to provide continuous improvement for product development lifecycle, achieving a 60% reduction in production and process errors over three months.
  • Managed product backlog and supported Scrum framework for monthly sprint releases.

IT project manager

  • Outlined work plans, determining resources, wrote timelines, and generated initial budgets as part of project scope determination.
  • Oversaw an extensive portfolio of projects to support teams, report progress, and influence positive outcomes for key stakeholders.
  • Saved over $10,000 through effective software support contract negotiations.

Technical support

  • Provided Tier 1 IT support to non-technical internal users through desk-side support services.
  • Resolved a diverse range of technical issues across multiple systems and applications for customers and end-users across various time zones.
  • Integrated Salesforce CRM, including inbound lead management and sales tracking, and other customer relationship management software into support operations.

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