Laboratory Technician Cover Letter Example + Tips

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A cover letter is a valuable tool that often acts as your first contact with a potential employer. If it is poorly written, chances are that recruiters and HR managers won’t even bother looking at the resume that goes with it. On the other hand, a strong cover letter can help place you at the top of the list of candidates. The best way for you to begin your cover letter-writing process is to consult cover letter samples, like the one found below. For some helpful tips on crafting a letter, study and execute the tips found in this free laboratory technician cover letter sample.

Dear Mr. Wilson,

When I stepped into my first biology lab in college, I immediately knew I had found my passion. From that day forward, I have been actively engaged in working towards becoming a laboratory technician. When I saw your job posting for an entry-level laboratory technician, I knew I would be a perfect fit for the position. With my extensive training in life sciences and lab experience, I believe I am the best candidate for the job.

Your job listing describes an environment of teamwork, coupled with moments of strict autonomy. My work as an undergraduate researcher helped me learn how to work individually to fulfill my duties while still remaining a part of the team. It was also where I learned how to register, process and quality check bio specimens, and how to follow standard operating procedures and maintain organized and accurate records.

I learned a great deal about research techniques while taking part in the Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Program. While there, I was able to hone important laboratory skills and prepare myself for the rigors and requirements of working in a laboratory environment. These skills directly translate to what you desire in a laboratory technician.

My time as an undergraduate and summer researcher has prepared me to pursue this position with confidence. Thank you for taking a moment to consider my application. I hope for the opportunity to further discuss my fit with your company in an interview setting.

Dear Mr. Boone,

Since my first day in a high school science lab I have wanted to enter this exciting world, and your job posting gives me that opportunity. I know I would make a great candidate for the job.

While in college, I took courses that would give me additional time in the lab. I also served three summer internships with a well-known pharmaceutical company, again working in a lab setting. There, I conducted experiments, analyzed results, and reported on those results. I also learned how to set up and operate lab equipment.

My lab work taught me the importance of monitoring experiments and keeping a detailed record of how they were conducted, the procedures I followed, and results of the testing. I am detail-oriented and very much enjoy completing the experimental processes I have outlined here.

I know I can be successful in the position of lab technician with your company, and I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my skills further in an interview. Thank you for your time.

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What to Include in a Laboratory Technician Cover Letter

Consider the following tips and the above free laboratory technician cover letter sample to take your letter to the next level. The first and most important tip is to never repeat your resume. This is your chance to add additional information. However, keep things concise, so managers actually want to read it. Ensure that you have solid, concrete examples of why you are the best fit. End by showing gratitude for the reader’s time and consideration.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Besides using this free laboratory technician cover letter sample, another essential rule of creating a cover letter is tailoring it to your job and abilities. However, including the following skills can be helpful:

● Hand-eye coordination: The ability to use technical equipment with precision and accuracy is essential to laboratory technicians.
● Time management: Almost every activity in a lab is time-sensitive. Technicians must always be aware of how much time has elapsed.
● Detailed recordkeeping: Log books and notes should be detailed and record all pertinent information and results.
● Patience: Lab work cannot be rushed in order that it doesn’t compromise results.
● Analytical: Lab technicians must conduct accurate and precise scientific experiments.
● Communicative: Technicians should be able to understand and follow instructions from scientists. They should also be able to clearly explain their processes and findings in a report.
● Critical thinking: You must be able to make conclusions that show sound reasoning and judgment.
● Technical: As a lab technician, you will need to know how to set up and operate sophisticated equipment and instruments.