Apprentice Electrician Cover Letter Example + Tips

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apprentice electrician cover letter example

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What It’s Like to Work as an Apprentice Electrician

The first step towards becoming a fully licensed Journeyman Electrician for many individuals looking to pursue this line of work is to start as an Apprentice Electrician. Apprenticeships of this nature, lasting about 4 years, usually consist of a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job experience. Apprentices, working under the supervision of an experienced electrician, learn to read blueprints and schematics while applying math skills to ensure that measurements are accurate. Training often includes an emphasis on safety, including learning relevant local and state electrical codes.

Benefits of Working as an Apprentice Electrician

An Apprentice Electrician generally benefits from steady hours, unless a larger project requires overtime work. Apprentices can expect to earn less than the median pay of $23 an hour before benefiting from a gradual pay increase after completing all requirements of the apprenticeship. Apprentices within this field can also expect to benefit from strong job growth within this occupation due to an increased need for skilled electricians to handle more complex home and business wiring and installation needs. Some employers offering apprenticeships go on to hire Apprentice Electricians who perform well during their time as an Apprentice.

Why You Need an Apprentice Electrician Cover Letter

An Apprentice Electrician cover letter is needed due to the competition for apprenticeships within this field. Since you’ll be competing with applicants with very similar qualifications, a cover letter gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself in a more personal nature. A clear, concise cover letter can be an effective way to highlight unique qualities or relevant work experience and related skills that may not be appropriate to mention on an attached resume. Get started on your own Apprentice Electrician cover letter by taking a moment to browse the detailed examples on MyPerfectResume.