Electrical Supervisor Resume Example

Kellie Hanna, CPRW
By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: December 20, 2022
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When you are looking for a new job as an electrical supervisor, you want to make sure that you have a resume that casts your skills and experience in the best possible light. By clearly laying out your skills and experience, you will make it easy for the hiring manager to see that you’re the right candidate for the job. When applying for an electrical supervisor position, you should make sure that your resume conveys your leadership skills as well as your experience as an electrician.

As an electrical supervisor, you will have a range of responsibilities, which include overseeing a team of electricians, managing budgets, and ensuring that work is done safely, so your resume should highlight your experience in each of these areas. Since you are applying for a supervisory position, you must list any experience you have leading a team. Finally, make sure that your resume notes any state certifications or licenses that you hold.

Read over our electrical supervisor resume sample to see if it sparks any ideas for your own stellar resume.

electrical supervisor resume example

Electrical Supervisor Resume Questions

1. What does a good electrical supervisor resume look like?

Review our electrical supervisor resume sample. It features a top header on the left side of the page. It then adheres to this alignment with every section header. The sample uses page spacing and bullet points to provide an organized layout while condensing the applicant’s qualifications to one page. The summary, qualifications, and education sections are succinct, allowing the writer to include many descriptions of work experience. This document is an example of a good resume.

2. How do you describe computer skills on your electrical supervisor resume?

As an electrical supervisor, you probably spend more time supervising employees and working on project sites than sitting at a computer. However, in a new role, you may need to navigate computer programs to create schedules, communicate with clients, and analyze inventory spreadsheets.

Show hiring managers your computer skills in your professional summary, qualifications, or work experience sections. Instead of including only the generic phrase “computer skills,” identify specific systems or software with which you have experience and discuss prior responsibilities that required these proficiencies.

3. How do you write an electrical supervisor resume?

First, think about your key skill sets and professional accomplishments. Next, compile your work history. Then, as you begin writing your document, make sure you construct four main parts: a summary, qualifications, work experience, and education sections. Follow the example of our electrical supervisor resume sample when you format each component. Study our sample and the description of the position to which you are applying to understand what abilities and credentials to include.

4. How do you optimize your electrical supervisor resume for an ATS?

Imagine this: You put a lot of thought and effort into crafting your document. You submit it to hiring managers, but it ends up in the trash before they even read it. Why does this happen? Some companies use applicant tracking systems. These software programs filter through resumes, passing along only the ones containing important industry keywords.

To increase your chances of making it past an ATS, include in your document significant phrases you find in the job listing. Additionally, use standard headers, avoid spelling mistakes, and exclude any pictures or graphics.

5. How do you write the experience section of your electrical supervisor resume?

First, include a few specifics about prior roles, such as the official title, the name and location of the company, and the dates of your employment. Then use bullet points to display three to eight descriptions per job. Write about previous duties, responsibilities, and achievements. If you find it difficult to decide what to write, use our electrical supervisor resume sample for inspiration.

Whether you are an experienced or entry-level worker, our step-by-step resume builder can help you create a personalized document that presents your qualifications in an impressive way. Use this tool to simplify both the writing and formatting process.

Resume Text

Craig Potter

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Thorough Electrical Supervisor who performs a variety of tasks while also maintaining field level competency at the same time. Adept at scheduling multiple projects, increasing worker productivity and developing effective training programs. Specializes in industrial and commercial electrical projects.


  • Maintains very strong field work capabilities
  • Excellent organizational and presentation skills
  • Able to work on projects of any size
  • Develops effective schedules and policies
  • Can work with any level of management
  • Dedicated to completing all projects on time and under budget

Work Experience

May 2010 to February 2015 Company Name
— City, State Electrical Supervisor

  • Worked closely with management and project supervisors to develop effective work schedules.
  • Helped to author a comprehensive set of site safety policies that cut down significantly on worker injuries.
  • Developed programs that increased work productivity an average of 20 percent for each project.

October 2006 to May 2010 Company Name
— City, State Electrical Supervisor

  • Collaborated with corporate safety officers to develop field safety policies that lowered accidents.
  • Created more efficient ways to maintain and store field equipment at job sites.
  • Established several site security policies that cut down on equipment theft and prevented visitors from getting injured.

June 1994 to October 2006 Company Name
— City, State Electrical Supervisor

  • Developed a running field equipment inventory system that reduced equipment costs considerably.
  • Worked closely with field managers to develop work schedules that got projects completed ahead of schedule.


1994 Tully College, City, State Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering