Journeymen HVAC Sheetmetal Workers Cover Letter Example + Tips

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journeyman hvac sheetmetal workers cover letter example

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Work It’s Like to Work as a Journeyman HVAC Sheetmetal Worker

A Journeyman HVAC Sheetmetal Worker installs, assembles, and repairs sheet metal equipment and products. Often working in an industrial or commercial setting, tasks typically range from creating furnace casing and drainpipes to putting together control boxes and ducts for use in heating and cooling systems. Tools of the trade include hammers and welding equipment, with hands-on knowledge and experience using such tools frequently acquired during a previously completed apprenticeship. The work can be demanding, especially when deadlines need to be met while maintaining strict quality standards.

Benefits for Working as a Journeyman HVAC Sheetmetal Worker

A Journeyman HVAC Sheetmetal Worker typically works a standard 40-hour work week, with occasional overtime available when necessary to meet production deadlines. Most employees within this occupation benefit from union memberships. Due to the ongoing demand for quality heating and cooling parts, opportunities within this skilled profession tends to be readily available. Journeymen HVAC Sheetmetal Workers benefit from an hourly wage that’s more than double the standard minimum wage due to the nature of the work, amounting to approximately $47,000 annually.

Why You Need a Journeyman HVAC Sheetmetal Worker Cover Letter

A Journeyman HVAC Sheetmetal Worker cover letter serves to set your resume apart from a sea of similar resumes likely to contain nearly identical backgrounds. While a cover letter still needs to remain professional, it does serve as a direct line of communication with a potential employer. If structured in the right way, a cover letter can catch the eye of an employer who may otherwise overlook a resume with no cover letter included. Need some help with your cover letter? Browse detailed samples of Journeymen HVAC Sheetmetal Workers cover letters on MyPerfectResume to get some inspiration for your own cover letter.