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Groundskeeper Cover Letter Example + Tips

When you apply for jobs, a well-crafted resume is critical. Just as important is a compelling cover letter that rounds out the information in your resume by showing your personality and interest in the job. Include industry-specific knowledge as you write so that you demonstrate your competence. To get an idea of these attributes, review the free groundskeeper cover letter sample below and the two sections after it.

Dear Ms. Jumper,

I was excited to see the job posting on your website for a groundskeeper, as the layout and appearance of XYZ University have always attracted me. With my experience as a groundskeeper, I believe I can make the school shine even more.

My credentials include five years of work for John Doe Orchards, an apartment complex with some similar challenges as XYZ. For example, the landscape is often hilly and popular with wildlife. Before that job, I worked as a for-contract landscaper, and my clients included ABC High School, a private school about half the size of your university.

The job description requested applications from only serious and committed candidates who meet the qualifications. I have diverse experience in managing inventory, working on teams, mowing, collecting litter, caring for grasses and flowers, and maintaining equipment. I also have experience in wintry weather and am well-versed in operating snow-removal machinery.

The experience and expertise I possess make me excited about how I could help XYZ University. I appreciate you taking the time to review my letter, and I hope we can meet for an interview to discuss how I can benefit your grounds team.

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What to Include in a Groundskeeper Cover Letter

It is important that cover letters address a specific person. Avoid openings such as “Sir” or “Madam.” Also, notice how this free groundskeeper cover letter sample gets specific about the writer’s experience and accomplishments while keeping a professional tone. Along these lines, your letter should end by thanking the recipient for his or her time and stating your interest in an interview.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Ideally, this free groundskeeper cover letter sample gives you at least a few good ideas for your own document. However, each job is different, so you do want to tailor your cover letters to each job. In general, people who hire groundskeepers desire the skills listed below.

● Physical fitness: Groundskeepers must often walk, stretch, and bend for long hours at a time.
● Knowledge of equipment: Groundskeepers work with equipment such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, weed trimmers, shovels, rakes, snow blowers, and more.
● Efficiency: Quick and effective work is a hallmark of quality groundskeeper work.
● Professionalism: Groundskeepers often serve as one public face for private companies, apartment complexes, and universities. As such, you must be responsive and courteous.
● Punctuality: Weather is unpredictable, so being on call and on time are big assets.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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