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Automotive Technician Cover Letter Example

Job Description & Responsibilities

People love their cars. When problems arise, they want to leave their cars with a professional they hope they can trust. A good automotive technician cover letter will demonstrate that you are that professional. Automobile technology is becoming more and more about microprocessing. Any automotive technician that wants the top salary is going to prove they have been appropriately trained and intend to stay on top of the information highway regarding cars.Hiring managers will always look for candidates with the formal education and industry certifications that guarantee a specific level of craftsmanship. To show your worth, the automotive technician cover letter needs to quickly introduce yourself and briefly state why you’re at the top of your field.

Education & Training

The auto technician industry has grown dynamically over the last generation. Mechanics are still changing oil, performing routine maintenance and replacing and removing parts. Today though, an automotive technician cover letter shows the candidate is capable of diagnostics and using analyses to work with a range of electronic elements. Even the old fashioned greasy auto repair shop can no longer ignore this and needs candidates that handle vehicular computer issues they couldn’t have pictured when they opened their shops.The tech’s career can start as early as high school. Not just study in car repair, but computers, electronics, and even math and English will be a plus because that sort or program shows dedication. There can be vocational education, trade school, employee, and union or degree programs, many offered by dealers and auto makers to promising candidates. The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence presents certifications in eight areas of auto conditioning. Their tests lead to qualification as a Master Automobile Technician.

Salary Range

Two years ago, yearly median automotive technician salaries were in the 36,000 dollar range. The lowest pays were in the vicinity of 20,000, the highest around 60,000. The range is influenced by location, negotiation, employer, education, and skill. Top earners can work in aerospace production or parts manufacturing, natural gas distribution, and scientific research and development.

Sample Automotive Technician Cover Letter

Take advantage of the automotive technician cover letter sample below. It can be tailored for a job at a full service repair shop, a dealership, tire store, specialty shop, or other automotive slot.

Automotive Technician Cover Letter Sample