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Veterinary Technician Cover Letter Example + Tips

A well-crafted cover letter can help you stand out from the rest of the job applicants and get you onto the next stage of the selection process. In a competitive job environment, it is important to customize your cover letter to the veterinary field to show that you understand the relevant skills required for this position. It can also be a way to briefly convey your motivation to pursue the position. Get ideas from the free veterinary technician cover letter sample below to make the writing process a lot easier.

Dear Dr. Knapp,

I have loved learning about and caring for animals ever since I was since. I recently graduated with my associate’s degree in veterinary assisting and have just passed the credentialing exam for veterinary technicians. I am ready to take the next step and apply for the veterinary technician position at your clinic.

Before attending the veterinary tech program, I wanted to make sure that this type of work was for me, so I volunteered on Saturdays at the Paws and Tails Veterinary clinic. I assisted wherever I could by cleaning exam rooms and cages, greeting patients, and walking dogs. This led to a paid position on both Saturday and Monday afternoons, which were the busiest times for the clinic.

From my volunteer and entry-level job experience, I found that I loved the work and wanted training to further advance in the animal health field. I have found that my patience and communication skills have grown as a result of my exploratory job experience.

I am eager to use my experience and training to care for animals in a veterinary setting. Thank you for your consideration for this position. I look forward to discussing this job with you soon.

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What to Include in a Veterinary Technician Cover Letter

Remember that the cover letter is your opportunity to show your professional personality. Write in a way that directly addresses the skills that are being asked for in the job description. You can follow the ideas presented in our free veterinary technician cover letter sample, but keep your document to one page. Think of your letter as a trail that leads the interviewer on to your resume.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

These industry specific skills can be added to the points brought forth the free veterinary technician cover letter sample to make your letter even more relevant:

● Communication: A combination of both listening and speaking in a caring manner is necessary to gather needed information and express instructions to pet owners.
● Manual dexterity: Technicians must be able to handle animals under stress while giving them treatments or tests.
● Detail orientation: Technicians need to be precise while testing, recording information, and administering medication to animals.
● Problem solving skills: A stressed out pet may resist examination or treatment. Technicians need strong problem solving skills that they can activate at a moment’s notice.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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