A strong CV is one of the most important tools at your disposal when you’re on the hunt for a new job. In addition to summarizing your skills and education, it functions as a written introduction to your background and character. Making a good impression on the hiring manager is crucial for landing that interview, so take a look at the organic chemist CV example below. With tailored tips for organic chemists, you can use this example for ideas and guidance as you create your own document.


Janet Brown

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Knowledgeable organic chemist with over a decade of experience performing common analytical techniques. Expert in the application of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry for the analysis of organic samples. Excellent communicator who has presented at several conferences and can effectively manage groups of technicians and colleagues. Thorough and detail-oriented worker with a conscientious approach to safety and quality control guidelines who still possesses the innovative spirit to develop and implement new standard operating procedures.

  • Competent in and knowledgeable about an array of common organic chemistry techniques and methods, including separation techniques, gas chromatography, and mass spectrometry.
  • Familiar with common data analysis software (Microsoft Excel, XCalibur, TraceFinder).
  • Able to develop new standard operating procedures in accordance with laboratory regulations, law, and quality control guidelines.
  • Effective communicator who can comprehensively present complex ideas with colleagues and peers in both written and oral forms.
  • Scrupulous and thorough analyst with excellent attention to detail when completing tasks.
  • Responsible worker who puts safety first and values compliance with accepted routines and guidelines.
Work Experience
Environmental Research Chemist
2013 – present


  • Perform trace analysis on tissue samples from fish in regional ponds and streams.
  • Compile, analyze, and interpret data to draw conclusions.
  • Write technical reports and papers for communication with other scientists and the public.
  • Direct, coordinate, and provide guidance to laboratory technicians.
  • Attend conferences to discuss techniques and present results.
  • Develop and implement several new standard operating procedures for improved analytical techniques in this laboratory.



Organic Preparation Analyst
2010 – 2013


  • Analyzed environmental samples using standard analytical techniques for organic substances.
  • Cleaned, sterilized, and maintained glassware, instruments, and other equipment.
  • Conducted quality control tests to verify data in accordance with laboratory guidelines and standards.
  • Communicated frequently with supervisor to report unusual test findings.
  • Adhered to health and safety guidelines and provided HSE briefing to new employees.



Chemical Technician
2005 – 2007


  • Set up and performed chemical analyses on various organic samples using diverse techniques, including liquid-liquid separation, chromatography, and spectroscopy.
  • Maintained laboratory environment through cleaning, organization, sterilization of glassware, and instrument upkeep.
  • Prepared standard solutions and solvents.
  • Recorded and organized data.






Associate of Applied Science in Chemistry


Community College of Baltimore County
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry


Loyola University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

When not on the job, I enjoy baking, acting, and going for long runs. You can often find me in the kitchen, trying out new bread recipes, or at the community theater, rehearsing for a play. Access to education is a cause I am very passionate about, so in my spare time, I volunteer as a tutor with underprivileged children. I also participate in an annual marathon, which raises funds for college scholarships.



Environmental Research Chemist Job Overview and Tips

What Does an Organic Chemist Do?

Organic chemists perform analysis on organic substances, including samples in liquid, solid, or gas form. They are also responsible for interpreting the resultant data, writing technical reports, preparing chemical solutions, and ensuring compliance with appropriate quality control and health and safety guidelines. Communicating results with colleagues, peers, and the wider public may also be an important aspect of a chemist’s work. Organic chemists may be employed by academic institutions, industrial corporations, or governmental organizations. They may focus on problems related to the environment, industry and production, human health, and more. Due to the range of specialized skills required for this sort of position, a strong CV is extremely important for catching the hiring manager’s eye. In addition to the organic chemist CV example above, the tailored tips below can help you determine how to target your CV and what you should include.

Tips for Creating a Great Organic Chemist CV

Here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind when creating your CV:

  • Back up your experience by listing the specific techniques you are skilled in and any scientific software you know how to use.
  • Thoroughness and attention to detail are valued personality traits for analytical scientists, including organic chemists. Show off your conscientious character by not letting any spelling or grammar mistakes slip past you.
  • Remember to be as concise as possible. An entry level CV should not be more than one page, while a very experienced applicant may have two or three.
  • While chemical knowledge and analytical ability are chief skills for organic chemists, don’t forget that communicating effectively both orally and in writing are crucial for sharing information with other members of the scientific community. If you can, include specific accomplishments that highlight your competence in this area.

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