Hiring managers are going to have a lot of CVs to read, especially for highly desired positions such as electrical project engineer. You need to be certain your personal CV is memorable so the hiring manager feels compelled to invite you to an interview. The way to accomplish that is to utilize the space you have most efficiently so that you accurately convey why you are most qualified for the job. This electrical project engineer CV example and the following tips show you how your professional background needs to be expressed.


Charlotte Bloom

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Proficient electrical engineer with years of experience researching, developing, and testing a variety of electrical systems. Excel in preparing specs to present to upper management and make necessary adjustments before a project goes into production. Expertise in conducting field studies to determine what capabilities a product needs to have. Skilled in listening to problems client has with a product and reaching an amicable conclusion on how to rectify the situation.

  • Engineering prowess and intricate familiarity with a variety of computer programs and components
  • Complex problem solving skills to weigh all options carefully and reach conclusions that would best benefit the organization
  • Persuasion skills to effectively communicate my side of a disagreement
  • Troubleshooting skills to look at a system, determine what has gone wrong, and recommend the most cost-effective course of action
  • Ability to manage personnel resources to figure out where an individual’s talents can be best utilized
Work Experience
Electrical Project Engineer
September 2015 – Present



  • Utilize design software to create layout for future electrical grid and present detailed plan to employer.
  • Collaborate with other engineers to find ways to improve a spec plan before sending it into production.
  • Calculate costs to get a project within budget, and once found a way to deduct $5,000 from a development plan.
  • Supervise team members to give everyone a task and remain in the loop to ensure project is progressing as planned.
  • Ensure all projects remain within the confines of state-held standards.

Electrical Engineer
March 2011 – July 2015



  • Directed testing activities to make sure projects met all essential specs.
  • Supervised a team of 10 individuals to complete a project that was already behind schedule when someone else dropped out, and finished the project before the deadline.
  • Planned the layout of a new electrical distribution system in Libby City.

Test Engineer
January 2009 – March 2011




  • Served as a liaison between the marketing, engineering, and manufacturing departments.
  • Conducted a variety of tests to ensure products met company-wide standards such as in-circuit tests, ongoing reliability tests, and final quality audit tests.
  • Implemented a plan to better automate the manufacturing process to reduce the average amount of time it took to develop an electrical grid by two days on average.


Bachelor in Electrical Engineering


Montana State University
City, State


Hobbies and Interests

One of my favorite hobbies is to purchase old vehicles or computer systems that are no longer working and acquire the necessary parts to get them up and running efficiently again. It is a real thrill to find these machines that most people would view as junk and then turn them into something useful once again.



Electrical Project Engineer Job Overview and Tips

What Does an Electrical Project Engineer Do?

For companies that produce new pieces of electrical systems or entirely new grids, the electrical project engineer is responsible for supervising all the activities that go into creating this new product. Engineers make sure projects are meeting all deadlines and comprehensive data is being collected every step of the way to see where areas can be improved upon. Engineers also create blueprints for projects, operate software to ensure accuracy, assist in repairing items when they break down, and supervise team members. The lead engineer will need to establish a budget for the project and make sure the team does not go over. In the event the project will go over budget, it is up to the electrical project engineer to meet with management to acquire extra funding. Look at the electrical project engineer CV example to get a sense of how this information should be conveyed through your document.

Tips for Creating a Great Electrical Project Engineer CV

Make a good CV even better by following these useful tips:

  • The Professional Summary is the very first thing on your CV, and it should be a brief snapshot of your basic skillset and background.
  • Under Work Experience, the first position listed should be whatever is most recent. You should only include past positions that contain skills and responsibilities related to the job you hope to get.
  •  If there are gaps in your Work Experience section, do not explain them on the page. Wait until the interview to discuss them.
  •  In the Education section, you can leave off your date of graduation if it was a while ago. You can also leave out GPA.
  •  Feel free to include any memberships you belong to if they are relevant to the industry.
  •  Leave out anything that could be viewed as controversial, such as religious beliefs or political leanings.

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