You might have an impressive work history, but hiring managers will not know that unless you tell them with a great CV. Review this visual designer CV example and writing guide for some smart tips on highlighting your experience in a way employers will notice. Once you know more about the best CV writing practices, you can start developing your professional summary and outlining your work history, skills, education and training, and hobbies and interests.

Patricia Brown

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Innovative visual designer seeking to use my creativity, technical skill, and marketing proficiency to generate influential advertisements. Lifelong artist with proficiency in numerous mediums, including pencil drawing, oil and watercolor painting, sculpting, photography, and video. Expertly utilize graphic design software and equipment to bring my ideas to life. Prefer to develop designs consumers find meaningful on multiple levels. Engage in frequent market research to accurately determine preferences of target customers.

  • Proficient with all major graphic design software platforms, including Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk AutoCAD, Microsoft Publisher, AJAX, and JavaScript.
  • Shrewd communicator able to use targeted conversation to cultivate understanding of client desires.
  • Excellent time manager, able to accurately estimate the length of time needed to fulfill a task.
  • Begin each day with a list of goals to accomplish and make good use of my working hours.
  • Observant and active listener, enabling me to accurately discern the motivations and desires of other people.
  • Original thinker adept at formulating new and clever ways to convey information.


Work Experience
Account Manager                                                                          2010 – present



  • Develop advertisements for food conglomerate.
  • Collaborate with marketing staff to design graphics that fit the tone of their advertising campaigns.
  • Brainstorm strategies to optimize visual impact of designs on consumers.
  • Customize layout, color, font, and copy of advertisements to make them appropriate for audiences receiving them.
  • Adapt graphics for use in print and web platforms.
  • Delegate tasks to team members according to skill set and efficiency level.
  • Promoted to team leader after consistently meeting deadlines and producing exemplary work.
  • Created graphics for Big Soda’s Backtrack campaign after analyzing market research. Backtrack campaign was successful and focus groups cited bottle design as attractive feature of product.


Freelance Graphic Designer                                                                2011-2013



  • Created logos, advertising graphics, and websites for small businesses.
  • Communicated with clients to understand their business goals and company cultures.
  • Incorporated information into designs to accurately reflect client visions.
  • Modeled virtual designs from hand drawings and paintings.
  • Generated ideas that resonated with clients’ target customers. 75 percent of clients reported increased revenue after obtaining my services.
  • Obtained 300 clients over two-year period.


Visual Designer                                                                                     2008-2013
  • Designed packaging for major toy company.
  • Led focus groups to determine color and logo schemes that would be most attractive to children.
  • Designed fonts used in packaging for bestselling Koala Krush toy line.
  • Used Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Visio to develop mockups.




Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design


Rutgers University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I’m a graphic novel enthusiast who attends New Jersey ComicCon every year. Avid reader, especially of thriller and mystery novels. Volunteer with local animal shelter matching animals with foster and adoptive families. Accomplished ballet dancer with over 20 years of experience.


Visual Designer Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Visual Designer Do?

Visual designers develop and create images that are typically used in marketing applications. They must have the artistic ability necessary to generate these images and the computer skills necessary to design them. To be successful, they should also have some knowledge of advertising methods. In your CV, you should indicate you are familiar with visual design principles and provide examples of having used appropriate software in past positions. In the visual designer CV example, the candidate highlights traits such as originality and perception because these are valuable characteristics for a person who designs advertisements. In addition to these trade-specific qualifications, you should also call attention to any broader skill sets you hold, such as time management and communication. These qualities make you a more versatile and desirable candidate.

Tips for Creating a Great Visual Designer CV

Be sure to keep these tips in mind while crafting your curriculum vitae using our CV maker:

  1. One way to indicate to hiring managers you are a talented visual designer is to highlight times when your designs have been successful with their target audiences. When writing your work history, include specific accomplishments and positive results from your actions.
  2. Use your professional summary to grab your readers’ attention and explain your most notable experiences, traits, and goals.
  3. Since visual designers need marketing skills, it is helpful to include any marketing experience you have.
  4. Hiring managers do not have time for candidates who do not have time to proofread, so make sure to carefully edit your CV before you submit it.
  5. To give employers a vivid and accurate picture of yourself and your work history, be thoughtful about your word choices. Your thesaurus is an indispensable tool for finding exactly the right way to describe duties and accomplishments.

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