Before getting your first job offer, you’ll need to get into interview consideration with a well-written curriculum vitae. A CV helps your future employer get an idea of your past history and your future potential as an employee, and it should show off your greatest achievements and aspirations. Aspiring bibliophiles can use the librarian CV example below to make this writing task stress-free and put your job application into serious consideration. Here, you can find out the best tips and tricks to make your CV incredible.

Destiny Washington

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Knowledgeable professional librarian with more than 14 years of experience in the public library setting. Dedicated to serving the community by providing assistance in information retrieval and research techniques. Committed to promoting literacy in the local area by supporting reading programs and other adult education initiatives. Extensive knowledge about materials, research databases, circulation, and other aspects of archiving. Experience working with and supervising staff and supporting library operations.

  • Strong writing skills, which have helped in writing successful grants for supplementary funds for the library budget for special projects.
  • Excellent oral communication skills when answering questions from patrons about topics at the information desk.
  • Solid organizational ability and attention to detail, allowing me to keep the library bookshelves and materials neat and orderly.
  • Committed to delivering great customer service to all library patrons when they need help with a question or assistance with a library issue.
  • Ability to actively engage an audience when teaching to give community members a worthwhile experience.
Work Experience
March 2013 – present


Company Name

  • Select and order a wide variety of age-appropriate materials for the children’s department of the library, including books, audio-visual materials, and periodicals.
  • Collaborate with other librarians, community members, and educators in the area to develop rich literacy and learning programs for the youth in the region.
  • Train and lead a staff of seven other library associates in the department to help support the learning and reading goals of the local area.

July 2007 – March 2013



  • Assisted patrons by providing book recommendations based on interests, feedback, and answered questions about materials and information.
  • Provided computer literacy training sessions to members of the community and developed tutorials to help individuals access technology.
  • Awarded a $3,000 grant from a national literacy campaign by writing a proposal for a community project to help improve the adult population’s reading habits.

Library Associate
April 2003 – July 2007




  • Guided students and community researchers who were seeking information by directing them to specific library databases, unique collections, and other reference materials.
  • Attended community outreach events outside of the library at schools, nursing homes, and universities to promote reading and information literacy programs.
  • Recognized as Librarian of the Year in the local county system due to high levels of patron satisfaction and commitment to community improvement.


Master of Science in Library and Information Science


University of Virginia
City, State
Bachelor of Arts in English Literature


University of Virginia
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I am an avid reader and a leader and participant in a community book club. My reading group focuses on reading forgotten classics and analyzing the meaning and purpose of these stories. I am also a volunteer at the community soup kitchen, which provides free hot meals to homeless families and individuals. Once a week, I either work in the kitchen as a cook or help serve meals to the people.



Librarian CV Questions

1. How do you write a summary statement for a librarian CV?

You don’t need to hit the books to write an amazing summary statement for your librarian CV. All you need is knowledge of action-oriented language and a solid grasp on your greatest professional strengths.

Use our librarian CV sample as an example of what can make an amazing summary statement. Use the same sort of bold, confident language to discuss your areas of expertise, years of experience, and the strengths that make you a great candidate for employment. Keep your summary short, no longer than three lines, and you’re good to go.

2 What is the best design for a librarian CV?

As a librarian, you know that organization and presentation are everything. While you wouldn’t sort your CV using Dewey Decimal numbers or alphabetize your sections, you can still apply great principles of organization to make your document stand out.

One of the best templates for a librarian CV is a classic format, using serif font headers and neatly structured sections covering work history, skills, education, and your professional summary. Use our librarian CV sample for some ideas, or try our effortless CV maker.

3. If you’ve never held a librarian job before, how do you make a librarian CV?

Once you’re out of school, getting that first librarian job can feel daunting even after the extensive education and preparation you went through to achieve your qualifications. Never fear; those qualifications are exactly what you should use as your selling points when creating your first CV.

4. What should your education section look like in a librarian CV?

Librarians are unique in that their academic accomplishments are often their greatest qualifications for the job. Don’t be afraid to put extra weight into the education section. If you have non-librarian experience, trim it down to transferable skills. Use short, succinct bullets like our librarian CV sample to get your point across.

As mentioned earlier, your education is crucial to your role as a librarian. This means you can spend a little more space on it, but don’t go overboard. Stick to listing your degrees in reverse chronological order with dates and awarding institutions, just as in our librarian CV sample. Then, follow up with your certifications. You should also list these in reverse chronological order with the awarding institutions and any acronyms spelled out the first time and then condensed if used later in your submission.

5. What goes in the header of a librarian CV?

Even if your CV seems complicated, the easiest part of it is your header, which is nothing more than your name and contact information. Write out your full legal name, address, and contact information, just as in our librarian CV sample.

If you find yourself running out of space and need to free up a few lines, you can use some formatting tricks on your header, including omitting your street address in favor of only city and state or condensing all contact information to one line. No matter what, check your phone number and email for accuracy.

Librarian Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Librarian Do?

The role of the librarian has evolved over the years and changed as technology has become more important. Librarians of today still complete the traditional tasks from years ago, such as shelving books, assisting patrons with finding titles, and conducting storytelling sessions for children.

Today, however, librarians also play a huge part in supporting computer literacy in the community. They may conduct basic computer training sessions to help give more people access to technology, and they may also assist patrons with using online research databases at the library.

Additionally, librarians are also responsible for keeping the library collection current, so they must review and order materials as needed. The librarian CV example gives you a taste of some of the most common duties and responsibilities a librarian has each day.

Tips for Creating a Great Librarian CV

Here are some additional ways you can make your librarian CV even better, improving your hiring chances significantly:

  • Include information and details about your ability to work with the public and provide customer service, as this is a key component of a librarian’s job.
  • Discuss any grant-writing experience you have and include any awarded grants so a potential library system can see how you could benefit their organization.
  • Detail any community outreach initiatives you’ve been part of as a librarian to show your commitment to spreading knowledge.
  • Write about any noteworthy moments or achievements from your career to demonstrate your worth to a firm instead of solely focusing on basic job duties.
  • Use strong, clear verbs to give an employer a solid and unique vision about how you work, and make it easier for the reader to imagine what you can do.

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