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Last Updated: March 07, 2023
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School librarians are responsible for issuing and collecting reading and media materials in school libraries, and organizing and managing resources for students and teachers. Other tasks for this position can include organizing classes and educational sessions for students, maintaining library facilities, and overseeing books and related inventory through databases.

Use our expert tips and resume examples to showcase your details in a stand-out school librarian resume.

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School librarian example (text version)


Address: City, State, Zip Code
Phone: 000-000-0000


Hardworking School Librarian with comprehensive background in acquisition and collections management. Highly organized and articulate. Experience in corporate law, science and governmental library management.


  • Answering research questions
  • Guided Instruction
  • Copyright law
  • Removing deprecated sources
  • Cataloging reference books
  • Literacy development



  • Performing routine clerical tasks and administrating of library works in line with librarian.
  • Supervising students and teachers including encouraging for positive atmosphere.
  • Assisting in supervision of library operations in absence of librarian.


  • Facilitating processing of library supplies used by patron.
  • Demonstrating expertise to use online library systems as required.
  • Coordinated operation of filling and shelving of library materialsand other supplies.

Administrative Skills:

  • Assisted in processing, cleaning and administrating of library materials.
  • Demonstrated expertise to maintain library stack of books and other materials.
  • Coordinated maintenance and organization of back issues of periodicals.


07/2019 – Current
Company Name, City, State

Library Assistant
04/2016 – 11/2018
Company Name, City, State

08/2012 – 06/2014
Company Name, City, State


Master of Arts : Library Science
City, State

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Do’s and Don’ts for Your Resume

  • DO feature soft skills. Interacting with others and bringing a high level of quality to your work are important aspects of librarian work, so emphasize soft skills that illustrate how you succeed in these areas, such as time management, excellent communication, dedication and a positive personality. Also provide examples of how you put these skills into practice in your work history section. Visit our Top Resume Skills page for more soft skills suggestions.
  • DO use action verbs to describe your work achievements. Writing “Tasked with providing continuous assessment and feedback to students for all learning activities” makes less of an impact than “Managed student assessment and feedback for all learning activities.” The reason? The second example uses an energetic action verb that gives the impression that you’re in charge. Use action verbs such as maintained, oversaw, implemented, performed and created to describe your accomplishments.
  • DO make sure your resume isn’t too long. Although you’re dealing with books every day, your resume shouldn’t be a book. Cut down on clutter such as long sentences and unnecessary information, and present skills, accomplishments, and work history that are directly related to the librarian role you’re seeking. Your resume should be two-pages long at most.
  • DON’T forget to include important keywords. Employees now often use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes, giving a passing grade to those who have the right keywords. To get the proper keywords, take note of important phrases in the job posting that describe the job’s primary requirements and tasks, such as “create community learning experiences” or “assist with inventory of all library holdings.” Then tailor your resume to feature skills and experiences that match these keywords. For example, you could mention “library inventory management” as a skill, or highlight a previous job experience in which you created a community learning program. For more keyword guidance, see our article How to Use Keywords Effectively.
  • DON’T hesitate to quantify your accomplishments. Give your accomplishments more detail and life by using numbers and metrics to describe them. For instance, instead of writing “oversaw students during study sessions every day,” be specific: “Oversaw 5 classes of 30 students each during study sessions every day.”
  • DON’T forget to review your resume. You might have the best qualifications around, but it can go for naught if an employer spots a silly error on your resume. Check your document several times before you submit it, and rectify any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. This is also your time to ensure all your facts and information are correct. Our Resume Builder also has tools that can help you review your resume.

Top 4 Characteristics of a Best-in-Class School Librarian Resume

  1. Summary

    In your resume summary statement, provide a brief overview of your best skills, qualifications and accomplishments, gearing them to fit what the specific job needs. For example, if the job calls for working with students, teachers and school staff, you could write: “Experienced Librarian with 5+ years’ experience providing superior service to students, teachers and school staff.”

  2. Skills

    Break this section into two categories: practical skills (such as information literacy and research skills, library program management, student instruction, and knowledge of library database programs) and soft skills (such as a polite personality, excellent communication skills, organizational skills, collaboration and patience).

  3. Work History

    Focus on major responsibilities and accomplishments from previous jobs that show how you’ve used your best skills. For example: “Answered in-depth reference questions from staff and students for 2,000-person school” or “Scheduled, supervised and coordinated activities of library staff.”

  4. Education

    Feature your top academic credential (e.g., a master’s degree in Library Science), as well as any extra training or certifications you have in specific software such as Microsoft Office, or related areas like project management or library technology.

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