To show hiring managers that you’re serious about the job you’re applying for, you need to put all your professional experience into one well-written document. A mechanical technician CV example like the one included here is a great way to kick the process off since you can use the format and style as a model for your own CV. Use this document and the writing tips below to craft your perfect CV and increase your chances of landing an interview. Substitute your own work experience and skills in this format to impress the reader.


Rebecca Newsom

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Experienced mechanical technician with several years of training. Close attention to detail makes me perfect for a job that requires careful inspection and delicate repairs. Committed to safety standards and common-sense budgets. Extensive training in technical writing; I write comprehensive reports that are sent straight to my superiors. Background in mechanics and a quick learner when it comes to machines I have never encountered before. Professional workforce behavior and outstanding ability to cooperate in groups.

  • Ability to assess a damaged mechanism quickly and find a solution, even when I am unfamiliar with the machine.
  • Superior cooperation skills; I work well in groups but also capable of figuring out solutions on my own if need be.
  • Knowledge of federal and state safety regulations and commitment to following them.
  • Technical writing proficiency.
  • Physical strength allows me to operate machinery, perform repairs, and handle tools competently.
  • Adaptability allows me to learn new inspection procedures quickly and perform them correctly with minimal training.
Work Experience
Mechanical Technician



  • Perform repairs, replacements, maintenance, inspections, and record-keeping duties on a daily basis.
  • Lead several specialized teams within the department as needed.
  • Write technically about work performed and submit reports to the department head.
  • Adhere to company and government safety standards.
  • Advise superiors on budget decisions to maintain department excellence.
  • Recognized and distinguished for providing effective solutions to problems in a timely manner.

Mechanical Technician Internship



  • Performed in an assistant capacity as part of an associate degree program.
  • Gained technical knowledge in real time by observing and assisting full-time mechanics.
  • Experienced a wide variety of system malfunctions and helped formulate creative solutions.
  • Recorded invoices and repair details for submission to the department head.
  • Recognized for outstanding performance, and offered employment upon completion of the internship.

Bicycle Shop Attendant




  • Repaired a variety of bicycle problems in a timely manner.
  • Gained practical knowledge of tools and mechanisms through on-the-job training.
  • Interacted closely with customers and superiors to find creative and cost-effective solutions.
  • Earned recognition from superiors for quick learning and advanced mechanical skills.


Associate of Science in Mechanical Technology (2012)


Morrison Institute of Technology
Mechanical Technology Certificate of Proficiency
– 2012


Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy physical activities such as running, biking, and working out. My family and I participate in community litter pick-ups on a regular basis to give back to our neighborhood.



Mechanical Technician Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Mechanical Technician Do?

A mechanical technician, or mechanic, possesses the detailed knowledge of a company’s machines necessary to perform maintenance and repair duties. A mechanic must have experience with tools and machinery, and should be able to use generalized knowledge of a mechanical system to formulate specific solutions to problems. Since many mechanical technicians work in fast-paced industries, they are often called upon to make safe and effective repairs in a short amount of time, so performance under pressure is a must for this job. As demonstrated in the mechanical technician CV example, you should emphasize your technological know-how and highlight any areas of specific knowledge you have experience in. Compliance with government safety standards is also an important skill, as is the ability to use technical writing to keep a record of repairs and replacements. Mention these skills specifically in your CV to draw attention to your competence.

Tips for Creating a Great Mechanical Technician CV

Be mindful of these writing tips when creating your CV with our CV maker:

  • Include key words and phrases that relate specifically to your field. These could include mechanism, cooperation, solution, safety, professionalism, or attention to detail.
  • Don’t include any fluff in your CV. Respect the hiring manager’s time and get straight to the details, letting him or her know why you would be perfect for the job.
  • Start as many sentences as possible with an action verb to show the skills you can perform for the company.
  • Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t have much experience. List every duty you undertook in the experience you do have, and also include any special awards or recognition you received during that time.
  • Include skills such as technical writing and teamwork that may not seem directly related to a mechanical technician’s job but can make you stand out from other applicants.

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