When your career goals are at stake, it pays to invest significant effort into perfecting your CV. With a competitive job market, you need every advantage you can get. Our music producer CV example offers a helpful template that you can use for guidance as you draft your own CV. Continue on to read the accompanying writing tips that offer even more help as you review and improve your CV. With these resources, you can compose an excellent CV that shows your professional achievements and helps you get the job you want.


Rosemary Smith

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Highly qualified professional with extensive experience in acoustic design and production. Hands-on knowledge of digital and analog recording, editing, and mixing equipment. Comprehensive knowledge of various music genres. Proficient in studio techniques. Organized, professional, excellent project manager. Technically accomplished producer with knowledge of budgeting and financial concerns. Excels at coordinating technical, creative, and logistic aspects of managing a music project. Effective leader who coordinates staff to produce great results every time. Personable communicator who has established excellent professional relationships with many musicians, producers, and key figures in the music industry.

  • Digital and analog mixing, recording, editing equipment
  • Thorough knowledge of musical techniques and genres
  • Top skills in project management and budgeting
  • Excellent business skills
  • Effective communicator with a talent for understanding clients’ needs
  • Quick learner and adopter of new technologies
Work Experience
Music Producer
May 2012 – Present



  • Supervise music recording sessions.
  • Design production projects.
  • Select and manage set-up of recording and sound equipment.
  • Schedule and manage all phases of a recording project.
  • Oversee the editing and mixing of recordings.
  • Ensure high quality of each recording.
  • Train and supervise sound engineers and other staff.
  • Manage all aspects of the project to ensure they stay within budget.
  • Communicate with clients to define their goals and parameters for the recording.

Music Producer
December 2010 – May 2012



  • Ensured quality control of all music recordings.
  • Handled integration of sound recordings into overall production.
  • Managed logistics of each recording project, including aspects such as budget, equipment, and venue.
  • Worked with artists to ensure that recordings meet client needs.
  • Trained studio staff in use and set-up of equipment.

Assistant Music Producer
June 2008 – December 2010




  • Performed support functions for music producer.
  • Managed scheduling and planning for projects.
  • Booked venues.
  • Ensured that the required equipment was in place as needed.
  • Assisted in technical editing and mixing.
  • Worked with clients and staff to ensure that project ran smoothly and according to schedule.


Bachelor in Music Production


State University
City, State


Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy swimming and kayaking. Interested in exploring various types of art, enjoy visiting museums. Volunteer with local environmental organization, participate in community park cleanup efforts.



Music Producer Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Music Producer Do?

A music producer is responsible for the final shape of any music production. This position takes profound musical knowledge, technical expertise, and business acumen. A music producer must have a clear goal in mind when managing sound engineers, technicians, and other staff involved in producing recordings. As a producer, you will handle the technical aspects of mixing and editing sounds. You will also operate as a project manager, directing, scheduling, and motivating your team. Budgeting is another important requirement. The job also needs someone who excels at client relations. Not only do you need to be a good communicator, you also need to demonstrate that you can stay calm in stressful situations when equipment is malfunctioning or a musician is having a temperamental moment. Our music producer CV example shows how you can highlight your technical proficiency while showing your awareness of the importance of other aspects of this job.

Tips for Creating a Great Music Producer CV

Use these tips and our CV maker to improve your music producer CV:

  • The creative aspect of this position is essential, but do not forget to mention technical and business skills. These are crucial to success in any part of the music industry.
  • People skills are essential, not just for managing musicians and clients, but also for forming important working relationships within the industry.
  • Use your judgment when deciding whether to get creative with your formatting and fonts. Your top concern should be ensuring that your information is clear and legible; after that, do your research and find out if your prospective employer will appreciate added creativity.
  • For maximum impact, use active verbs when listing your duties and achievements. These may include terms such as managed, supervised, budgeted, produced, or designed.
  • Proofread your CV several times; if possible, get another person to give it a fresh look and catch any errors you may have missed. Do not let an oversight detract from your professional accomplishments.

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