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Working in the field of telecommunications and digital technology can be an exciting and rewarding career, but you have to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and proficiency with industry tools. Before you can explain how skilled and knowledgeable you are to a hiring manager in an interview session, you’ve got to accomplish this in your curriculum vitae. A CV is the best way employers can find out if your skills and qualifications match the job in question. Find out if you have what it takes by reading over the electronic technician CV example printed below.

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Adam Carver

33 Asylum Drive, Greenwich, CT 11111

E: adamcarver@anymail.com T: 555-704-9402

Professional Summary

Skilled and highly knowledgeable electronic technician with nine years of success in the cable television industry. Demonstrated expertise and knowledge of all types of digital telecommunications equipment, video components, and home entertainment setups. Friendly and able to deliver outstanding customer service in a professional manner to clients. Talented and motivated self-starter who works well under limited direction. Strong work ethic and a determination to follow procedure and solve any type of problem effectively.

  • ?Strong skills in using industry equipment, such as circuit testers, hex keys, multimeters, wire crimpers, and wire cutters.?Excellent understanding of the components and technical details of wireless cable technology and fiber optic internet connection services.?Exceptional customer service skills and a desire to please or solve each person’s problem whenever I am performing a service call.?Solid knowledge of the function and process of quality control testing when troubleshooting problems in the installation or repair of telecommunications equipment.?Incredible listening and communication skills, allowing me to understand each problem and address issues regarding solutions.
Work Experience
Electronic Technician
August 2013 – present

  • Install cable television components, set-top boxes, and internet networking capability in residential homes.
  • Provide service call solutions to customers experiencing service interruptions in their cable television or internet connectivity.
  • Demonstrate strong customer service problem-solving skills with a 98 percent satisfaction rate from customer surveys following a service call.

Electronic Technician
December 2010 – August 2013

  • Completed equipment repair of cable and digital connection technology for home entertainment systems.

  • Discussed problem history with customers and designed potential solutions after going through the company procedure for troubleshooting.

  • Encouraged more than 150 customers to upgrade cable equipment packages and internet data speeds by discussing potential improvements in their service.

Electronic Technician
September 2008 – December 2010

  • Conducted equipment tests in residential homes to determine the cause of service interruptions or problems with connectivity.
  • Maintained a log of all service visits and specific steps taken during home visits when repairing or installing cable television products.
  • Calculated additional costs to the customers for extra services, parts, and labor for upgraded installation or repair visits.

Wireless Systems Installer Technician Certification

National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers
High School Diploma

Washington High School
Lyme Connecticut
Hobbies and Interests

I grew up on a farm, and as an adult, I purchased a farm near my hometown. Today, my focus for the farm is raising goats for milk and sustainable grass cutting services. My goats are able to clear away overgrown land in a manner of a few hours, without the use of heavy machinery or other mechanical devices, which is a much greener solution. In my spare time, I operate a goat grass cutting service for big jobs requiring massive clearing of bushes, tall grasses, and shrubs.

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Electronic Technician CV Must-Haves

What Does an Electronic Technician Do?

The electronic technician CV example is a good place to start when looking for information about what this job entails on a day to day basis. Many electronic technicians are employed by telecommunications companies and work to install and repair cable television, phone systems, and internet services to residential or business customers. They may work in homes or businesses with new installations of services and run wiring around buildings and inside the walls. Once they determine the best placement of the wiring, they must connect each component to the main setup and determine functionality. In some cases, they may need to do extensive troubleshooting and testing until they achieve the desired result. Electronic technicians are also responsible for completing service calls for repairs to these devices and must come up with viable solutions to telecommunications interruptions.

Tips for Creating a Great Electronic Technician CV

Your chances of landing a great job in this industry can be greatly improved if you know what to do with your CV. Here are some key tips to think about:

– Keep your CV as professional as possible by following the standard format that includes your work history, educational achievements, and skills.
– Focus on your most recent work and educational experiences that are closely related to the job you’re trying to land.
– Avoid giving too much detail about why you left each position; simply focus on what good you did while you worked for your past employers.
– Explain how you have performed exceptional services for your customers and give details about how satisfied clients were with your electronic repairs.
– Include information about your certifications in the telecommunications industry so an employer can see how well-prepared you are for the job.