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A personalized CV is essential for a successful job search, and it can affect whether or not you get invited for an interview. When you’re crafting your CV, it can be difficult to figure out the right formatting and know what information to include in the Professional Summary, Work History, and Skills sections. Use our professional photo editor CV example to get inspiration for your own curriculum vitae. You can also check out the writing tips to make sure your final copy is strong and error-free.
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Diana Johnson

334 Crescent Drive, Fort Collins, Colorado 11113

E: dianajohnson57@anymail T: 555-112-9907

Professional Summary

Creative and dedicated photo editor with experience in photojournalism and marketing material development. Expert understanding of digital photography and computerized editing programs, and strong teamwork abilities to collaborate effectively with photographers, editors, managers, and clients. Proven history of meeting client objectives for final photographic products while also improving the efficiency of the editing process.

    ? Thorough understanding of modern photography equipment, including DSLR cameras.? Excellent artistic eye and ability to modify numerous elements of a photo to create a final product that meets composition, lighting, and aesthetic requirements.? Expert-level proficiency with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, AfterEffects, and Microsoft Office applications, including Access.? Excellent teamwork skills to communicate with photographers and improve collaboration to make editing process more efficient.? Knowledge of sales and marketing principles to understand desired results for promotional materials and create final products that meet client’s intended purpose.
Work Experience
Photo Editor

  • Analyze photograph requirements from clients to determine appropriate lighting, color, tone, and overall aesthetic prior to editing.
  • Communicate directly with marketing executives to determine photographic requirements for promotional materials.
  • Use digital editing programs to modify files to meet requirements for final product.
  • Participate in marketing campaign planning meetings to suggest new themes and promotional photo ideas customized to client’s stated objectives and budget requirements.
  • Create new client feedback process to reduce number of change orders, improve editing efficiency, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Assistant Photo Editor

  • Worked side by side with senior photo editor to modify and enhance photographs to meet project specifications set forth by managers and clients.

  • Participated in one-on-one mentorship program to improve editing skills by learning directly from senior editing staff.

  • Provided support for photographers as needed, including communicating new and updated requirements for photograph subjects and composition, and retuning constructive feedback following editing process.

  • Utilized photo editing software to adjust lighting, tone, focus, and other elements to produce required final product.

University Newspaper Photographer

  • Used DSLR camera equipment and accessories to take photographs as required by newspaper editor.
  • Adjusted aperture, shutter speed, and camera location to created desired photographic effects.
  • Determined quality and quantity of available light and used flashes, reflectors, and other equipment to adjust light as necessary to improve photographic conditions.
  • Earned Photograph of the Year Award based on votes of the student body for picture quality and composition.

Master of Arts in New Media and Marketing
Estimated graduation 2018

University of Colorado
Adobe Certified Associate

Adobe Systems Incorporated
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy painting with watercolors and am currently taking a ceramics course. Play the piano and spend the weekends cooking and baking. Teach Photography 101 course at the local recreation center.

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Photo Editor CV Must-Haves

What Does a Photo Editor Do?

A photo editor modifies photographs using a variety of computer editing programs to produce a finished image that meets a client’s requirements. Many photo editors are also photographers themselves, and some companies may require a photo editor to assist photographers, or may combine the duties of photographer and editor. As you can see from the photo editor CV example, hands-on experience is extremely important in this industry, as is proficiency with several common photo editing software programs. Creativity and artistic ability are essential for photo editors, but analytical skills are important as well to understand which elements of a photograph to change to yield the desired results. When you are writing your own CV, make sure to highlight your practical experience, and discuss your ability to understand project requirements and use the most effective methods to achieve the best results.

Tips for Creating a Great Photo Editor CV

Once you’ve created the first draft of your CV, use these tips to finesse your writing for a strong final copy that is easy to read.

– Keep your CV under three pages, but make sure to reference your career achievements and successes, especially in the Professional Summary. Gather and organize a portfolio of your best work so you’re ready if the recruiter asks for it.
– Start each bullet in the Work History section with a strong, specific action word. Some good choices for photo editors include modified, adjusted, determined, utilized, and created.
– Choose a standard font no smaller than 10pt and format your CV for A4 paper. Convert your final draft to a PDF file to verify that the formatting looks correct and page breaks don’t leave single lines of text.
– Avoid mentioning anything that could be considered controversial or unprofessional. Don’t complain about previous employers, and keep references to politics and religion out of your Hobbies and Interests section.


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