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A successful job search means working both hard and smart. You have already worked hard, gaining the skills and credentials that make you a great job candidate. Now it is time to work smart by honing your CV so hiring managers give it the attention it deserves. Get started by reading through our radio producer CV example that showcases some important writing techniques. To learn more about the principles and rules of good CV composition, continue to the accompanying writing advice. With these tools, you can craft an effective CV that will grab employers’ attention.
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Robert O’Neill

4423 Lake Pine Way , Denver, Colorado 11114

E: robert.oneill@anymail T: 555-223-1190

Professional Summary

Dedicated quality control manager with strong critical thinking skills and focus on meeting client needs while advancing company’s vision. Expert analyst with ability to identify issues accurately and develop effective solutions quickly. Strong interpersonal skills, including ability to communicate effectively with both clients and technical personnel, and to inspire team members to high levels of production and quality.

    ? High attention to detail to recognize issues immediately and accurately.? Excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills to develop efficient, effective quality assurance procedures and solutions.? Exceptional leadership and communication skills with managers, technicians, team members, external vendors, and customers.? Proficient with Statgraphics, EtQ Reliance software, Microsoft Access, SQL, and Vivaldi Quality Management software.? Strong decision-making capabilities to develop and implement solutions quickly.
Work Experience
Quality Assurance Manager

  • Oversee entire quality control process and monitor staff members during standard sample collection and analysis.
  • Provide high-level analysis to resolve production issues in a timely manner.
  • Communicate regularly with clients and external vendors to provide status updates and receive change orders.
  • Develop new quality control processes as necessary for different projects and manage implementation of additional QC measures.
  • Reorganize overall QC process to improve testing accuracy and solution development, increasing overall production efficiency by 25 percent.

Assistant Quality Control Supervisor

  • Supported senior quality control supervisor to coordinate quality assurance procedures and resolve issues.

  • Managed collection and analysis of samples according to project objectives and customer requirements.

  • Maintained detailed log of sample collection and analysis results, and authored regular reports for staff members along with projects updates for clients.

  • Briefed managers and technicians on quality control status and issues, including planned solutions and implementation procedures.

Mechanical Engineering Intern

  • Assisted senior engineers during design and testing phases for new components and systems.
  • Compared test products to design plans to verify accuracy of dimensions and specifications according to stated procedures.
  • Participated in quality control process during on-the-job training rotation, including discussing issues with technical personnel and helping develop effective solutions.
  • Earned perfect score on internship completion examination.

Professional Certificate in Engineering Management

Regis University Professional Education
Master of Business Administration in Six Sigma

University of Colorado
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy reading and participating in a bi-monthly book club for biographies. Take my dog hiking in the mountains on the weekends, and am learning how to paddleboard. Volunteer once a month at the local soup kitchen.

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Quality Control Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does a Quality Control Manager Do?

A quality control manager is an essential role in most manufacturing and production companies and usually leads the quality assurance program. You may create and direct the testing procedures for samples and coordinate the response activities for defective items. As a manager, you will probably serve as the main point of contact for technicians and other managers in matters related to quality assurance, and you may also interact directly with external vendors and clients. Quality control management requires analytical abilities as well as leadership soft skills, so your CV must include information on both. The Professional Summary in the quality control manager CV example shows how to write about previous experience with a focus on results and client satisfaction. The Skills section also includes both technical knowledge and nontechnical leadership abilities. Make sure your CV highlights your focus on teamwork and successful results.

Tips for Creating a Quality Control Manager CV

Here are some additional writing tips to ensure your CV makes a strong first impression.

– Market yourself in the Professional Summary by using language such as expert and including examples of your successful projects and achievements. Include real data metrics when possible.
– Make sure your Skills section includes your proficiency with industry-related software, such as analytical, compliance, database, and industrial control programs.
– Follow convention for your Work History section by listing your previous positions in reverse chronological order. Discuss your current work using present tense, and use past tense for all previous jobs.
– Once your final draft is completed, convert the document to a PDF to make sure the formatting looks nice. Check the page break locations to make sure single lines of text don’t appear at the top or bottom of the page.


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