Transportation Resume Examples

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A transportation resume could include career highlights from a wide variety of fields. When you start to compile your transportation resume, be sure that you have all of the specifics that each hiring manager will need to see in order to make the right decision about your qualifications.

Job Description for Transportation Positions

A transportation resume can cover transportation methods such as air, water, rail, truck, and public transportation as well. A good transportation resume points out any licenses that you carry and pertinent industry certifications that you hold. Many hiring managers looking through transportation resumes are looking for qualified professionals who already have their licensing in place. Your transportation resume should indicate if you’re a truck driver, rail conductor, freight air pilot, ship hand, bus driver, or any of the other specific industries within transportation. If your transportation resume is designed to help you move from one industry to the other, be sure to include your past certifications and licenses as versatility can help your transportation resume to stand out from the rest.

Education & Training Requirements

Your transportation resume needs to be very specific on what licenses and certifications you hold. As for general education requirements, your transportation resume should have at least a high school diploma or equivalent on it. In some transportation industries, such as air freight, you’ll need advanced degrees on your transportation resume to qualify. When you’re listing your licenses and certifications on your transportation resume, you need to indicate when you received each one and include all of the pertinent identification numbers. This will save the hiring manager time when he is impressed with your transportation resume and wants to hire you.

Pay Range

The pay range for a transportation resume varies significantly. An entry-level position as a trucker can start at $30,000 per year and go well over $100,000 per year for experienced truckers. Others in the transportation industry can start at higher or lower pay ranges, but the upper levels of pay in the transportation industry tend to go over $100,000 per year. We have helpful transportation resume examples that you can use to put together a great transportation resume for your qualifications.


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