Psychiatric Technician Resume Example

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: August 10, 2022
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psychiatric technician resume example

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Resume Text

Hale Laue
123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Knowledgeable Psychiatric Technician with a proven talent for implementing physician directives to ensure the well-being of patients. Carefully monitoring the progress of patients, administering oral medications as prescribed, assisting with daily hygiene needs and observing behaviors. Dedicated to ensuring patient safety through careful observation.


  • Knowledge of basic psychology
  • Patient care guidelines
  • Medication disbursement
  • MS Word proficient
  • Clear communicator
  • Highly interactive

Work Experience

May 2014 to Present Company Name–City, State Psychiatric Technician

  • Perform physical assessments on patients and report results to physicians.
  • Participate in daily rehabilitation treatments and relaxation therapies.
  • Administer medications to patients and confirm that it was taken.
  • Assist patients with daily activities, including bathing, eating and basic hygiene.
  • Prepare required documentation for admission and discharge.
  • Conduct staff training for new hires and serve as a mentor.
  • Assist with initial patient evaluations.
  • Keep patient charts updated. January 2011 to March 2014 Company Name–City, State Psychiatric Technician
  • Monitored the initial behavior of patients and documented observations.
  • Helped to restrain patients who were having violent outbursts or appeared suicidal.
  • Responded to emergency medical situations, especially during drug and alcohol interventions.
  • Arranged for patient transportation.
  • Assisted with crisis interventions.
  • Worked to influence patient behaviors through productive interactions that included encouragement to participate in various activities and group therapy sessions.
  • Administered shots and dispensed pills to patients as directed, documenting time taken and any other observations worth noting.
  • Collaborated with medical staff on the implementation of individual treatment plans.
  • Provided feedback during regular staff meetings.
  • Took patient vital signs and reported any unusual results to head nurse or staff physician on duty.


2011 American Association of Psychiatric Technicians Certification 2010 Riverside High School, City, State High School Diploma