Mix Summer Trends in Business Casual for Women

Business casual for women shouldn't be boring. (Especially since summer trends are so fun!) Can you incorporate these fresh, fearless styles into your work wardrobe? The short answer is yes, but proceed with caution. Let's explore the 10 hottest trends that can be brought to the office.

Jumpsuits and rompers

Think you can't wear a romper to the office? Think again — business casual for women allows some freedom. Pair a streamlined jumpsuit with sleek flats or heels for a polished, but simple, look. If your work allows it, choose a cute romper that provides sufficient coverage for your daily round of client or customer interactions. If your romper is a tad too short, add tights to cover your legs. Try adding a blazer or structured sweater to finish the look.


Like a romper, a simple sundress can be dressed up or down with shoes. Leave the sliders and flip-flops at home, but replace them with a pair of slingback heels and some sophisticated jewelry. Add a blazer or cardigan to cover your shoulders, and see how a sundress moves easily from play to work.


Whether they have leather tops, wedge heels, or long tie-up straps, espadrilles are back in style. And the right pair (with the right dress or slacks) can bring a ray of (professional) sunshine to your presentations. Try espadrilles in a neutral color to maximize their use.


Prairie style gingham prints are picnic-perfect, but they can also look neat and sweet at work. Look for this pattern in a blouse or a skirt (and pants, if you dare).


Lacy cutouts with sophisticated layering are on trend this summer. You can't go to work with a cutout that bares skin, but you can layer something underneath. Try a back-baring blouse with a pretty camisole underneath.

High-waisted trousers

Waistlines are high right now. When you pair this sharp look with a pretty blouse and a pair of professional shoes, nothing can stand in your way. (See? Business casual for women can easily be trendy!)

Ruffled tops

A few extra ruffles in pastel colors can bring the breeze into your stuffy workplace like an open window on a summer day. Look for tops and dresses with ruffles to add to your work wardrobe.

Summer scarves

Scarf styles change with the seasons, but this summer, loose, casual cotton scarves are in. Try classic prints like stripes and plaids with a little fringe. If you're on a budget, this is a great way to incorporate new pieces to your work wardrobe.


Shirtdresses recall the prim, buttoned-down look of a 1950s typist, with a subtly subversive pastel flair. This retro Mad Men inspired look is in right now, and aligns perfectly with the idea of business casual for women.

Neutral tones

Taupe, eggshell, light brown, heather grey, and all the subdued tones of the beige rainbow are flattering and trendy.. These colors feel cool and elegant even on the hottest days of the summer.

Overall, use jewelry, prints, bags, and scarves to keep your style fresh and in the moment. Have fun playing mix and match with these items! For more on-trend and office-ready style tips, explore the resources available at MyPerfectResume.

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