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By Elizabeth Muenzen, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: April 15, 2024

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In today's competitive job market, a compelling cover letter is the key to landing interviews and securing your dream job faster. 

An AI cover letter generator can help you build a standout cover letter in minutes. See our career experts’ top picks below.

Learn how to use AI to write a cover letter and explore expert-tested tools to decide which one is right for you. We’ll cover the following topics:

  • What an AI cover letter generator is and how to use one. 
  • The five best AI cover letter writers to try (tested by experts).
  • The pros and cons of AI-generated cover letters. 
  • AI cover letter generators versus professional writing services.

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What is an AI cover letter generator?

An AI cover letter generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms to generate a cover letter in minutes. It analyzes your resume, job description, or other relevant information to create a personalized, industry-tailored letter. 

AI is the science of developing computer systems that perform tasks associated with human intelligence, such as learning, planning and natural language processing. 

Most AI cover letter writers and AI resume builders use generative pre-trained transformers (GPT), a form of AI in which algorithms trained on massive data sets can automatically produce human-sounding content. 

Many AI cover letter generators offer additional tools like expert writing tips and professionally designed templates.

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Best AI cover letter generators 

Check out the five best AI cover letter generators we recommend for job seekers. We've detailed the key features of each tool so that you can determine which one is right for you.

#1 MyPerfectResume

Best content suggestions

My Perfect Resume’s AI Cover Letter Generator uses complex algorithms to provide customized content suggestions written by Certified Professional Resume Writers. 

With advanced cover letter generator AI technology, you can input your current job title or target job title to generate research-backed content ideas tailored to the role you are applying for. 

MyPerfectResume AI Cover Letter Generator

Key features

  • Professionally written content suggestions help you tailor your cover letter to the role you are applying for.
  • Industry-specific cover letter examples help you get inspired and overcome writer’s block.
  • Wide variety of customizable templates allow you to match your cover letter to your resume for a cohesive job application.
  • Built-in spelling and grammar check instantly scans your cover letter for any errors that you may have missed.
  • Expert insights and writing tips every step of the way to help you craft the perfect cover letter. 

Pros and cons 

  • Content suggestions written by Certified Professional Resume Writers.
  • Step-by-step guidance with targeted prompts and expert insights.
  • ATS-friendly templates built by professional graphic designers. 
  • Somewhat limited range of template options.
  • Potential lack of personalization if content is not edited.
  • Some features require upgrading to a full-access subscription. 


You can use MyPerfectResume’s AI Cover Letter Generator free of charge to get expert insights and pre-written content suggestions. For additional features like ATS-friendly cover letter templates and unlimited downloads in multiple file formats, you can sign up for a 14-day Full Access trial or a monthly subscription.

#2 Cover Letter

Largest database

Cover Letter leverages AI technology to help you craft an effective cover letter tailored to your target job description. 

It’s important to note that’s focus is on specific job titles and companies. It does not take into account your resume or professional history.

Key features

  • Searches 188 billion skills-related data points for specific job titles and companies to generate a hyper-targeted cover letter. 
  • The data-driven cover letter approach is excellent for crafting a cover letter that will impress hiring managers.
  • Does not require any writing to generate the first draft of your cover letter; simply enter the position, company name and job description to generate your cover letter. 

Pros and cons 

  • User-friendly platform simplifies the process of creating a cover letter. 
  • Enter the job description for a targeted cover letter. 
  • Does not require any writing for the first draft of your cover letter.
  • Content may lack originality and personality. 
  • Customization is dependent on the job description. 
  • Does not consider your resume or past experience.


You can try Cover Letter for free or pay for a 12-month subscription to generate unlimited cover letters. 

#3 LazyApply

Widest variety of tones

LazyApply is a GPT-3 powered AI cover letter generator that can instantly create a cover letter tailored to the job title and company you are applying for. 

All you need to do is answer a few simple questions, and LazyApply instantly generates a cover letter that you can edit as needed to reflect your professional history. 

Key features

  • Choose from 20+ tones, such as convincing, thoughtful or formal to match your requirements. 
  • Enter the job title and company you are applying for to extract keywords and phrases that will be included in the cover letter. 
  • An unlimited number of downloads allows you to submit personalized cover letters to all of the jobs you are applying for.  

Pros and cons 

  • Wide variety of tones to choose from to tailor your cover letter. 
  • Templates tailored to specific job titles or companies.
  • Keyword optimization based on your target job. 
  • GPT-3 generated content lacks personalization. 
  • Limited functionality of free trial plan. 
  • No option for monthly subscription plan. 


You can try LazyApply for free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you want to upgrade to a paid plan, they have one-time purchase options for basic, premium and unlimited access plans. 

#4 CoverDoc.AI

Easiest job customization

CoverDoc.AI creates a personalized cover letter in minutes, taking into account the role you are applying for and your preferred writing style. 

You can also include your LinkedIn profile, and CoverDoc.AI will extract important job details for you so that you don’t have to fill anything out manually. 

Key features

  • Scans your LinkedIn profile for key details to add to your cover letter based on the job you are applying for. 
  • Uses your preferred writing style throughout the cover letter and proofreads your cover letter for spelling and grammar errors. 
  • Cover letter is sent directly to your email inbox in your preferred language with an originality score for peace of mind.     

Pros and cons 

  • Instant translation to your preferred language.
  • Enter the job description for a targeted cover letter. 
  • Company insights help you tailor your cover letter. 
  • Potential lack of customization and personality. 
  • Limited template options to choose from.
  • Premium plan required for some features. 


You can make two cover letters for free on with basic personalization. After that, you can set up a monthly subscription or pay as you go (must purchase five cover letters at a time).

#5 Simplified 

Best keyword optimization 

Simplified is an AI cover letter generator that uses keywords and phrases relevant to the job you are applying for.  

Answer some basic text prompts through the intuitive user interface to generate your cover letter in just a few minutes. 

Key features

  • Analyzes job titles and descriptions for relevant keywords to incorporate throughout your cover letter. 
  • Variety of expert-designed template options help your individual style shine through. 
  • Easily customizable content and design options to match your stylistic preferences. 

Pros and cons 

  • Expertly designed templates. 
  • Easy customization options to tailor your cover letter. 
  • Pulls relevant keywords from the job description. 
  • AI-generated content can lack nuance and personalization.
  • Each cover letter requires a substantial amount of credits. 
  • Paid plan required for more extensive use. 


You can try Simplified for free and later sign up for a Pro, Business or Agency monthly subscription plan depending on your needs. They offer a discount if you choose yearly billing over monthly.

Pros of AI cover letter generators

Several benefits come along with using an AI cover letter generator. We’ve detailed the most important ones to consider below.

Save time and improve efficiency  

An AI cover letter writer saves you time by instantly generating the first draft of your cover letter based on information about your professional history and career goals. 

We recommend reading up on the best cover letter writing tips to ensure that your cover letter stands out from the crowd. 

Overcome writer’s block  

Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part of writing a cover letter. AI can help you find the right words to describe your unique professional skills and qualifications.

Input your basic information and see what the cover letter generator produces. You can tweak the wording as needed to reflect your unique personality. 

Improve style and tone 

Maintaining a professional tone throughout your cover letter is essential for impressing potential employers. 

An AI cover letter writer can translate your professional background into compelling and polished content so that you can focus on editing and tailoring your cover letter to perfection. 

Additionally, most Cover Letter Generator and Resume Builder platforms have integrated spell-check tools that proofread your content for spelling and grammar errors you may have missed.

Tailor your cover letter to a specific role

The reality of today’s digital world is that many job applications never make it to real people. Instead, they are filtered through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that scan for keywords. 

An AI cover letter writer can tailor your cover letter for a specific role by extracting keywords from the job description and integrating them into the cover letter content.

This is a great tool for writing a targeted cover letter that explains why you are the best candidate for the job.

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Cons of AI-generated cover letters 

Although AI cover letter generators have many benefits, there are also a few precautions to keep in mind with some tools. 

Lack of nuance and personalization

A great cover letter should expand upon a well-written resume to address why you are a great fit for the role.

The problem with some AI cover letter builders is that they rely on your resume as their only source of information, resulting in a cover letter that repeats the information from your resume. 

We recommend adding the following details to your AI-generated cover letter:

  • Skills that make you the ideal candidate. 
  • Quantifiable career achievements. 
  • Key project examples from past roles.  

Inaccurate or irrelevant information

As advanced as AI technology is, it still has imperfections. When using AI to help write your cover letter, you may notice the occasional sentence with incorrect or misleading information.

Make sure to mitigate this risk by reviewing your cover letter multiple times for accuracy, and avoid relying too heavily on AI to do your writing for you. 

AI cover letter generators versus professional writing services

AI cover letter generators and professional writing services are two different options for creating a cover letter.

AI cover letter generators are ideal for those who need a cover letter quickly and have a limited budget. 

However, some AI cover letter generator tools may not match a professional writing service's level of personalization and nuance. 

Professional writing services offer a high level of personalization and customization to create a cover letter that reflects your skills, experiences and personality. 

However, professional writing services are significantly more expensive than AI cover letter generators and may take longer to deliver the final product. 

AI cover letter generator success stories

Curious about the benefits of using AI for your cover letter? Check out My Perfect Resume AI Cover Letter Generator success stories below. 

I love this service! I can easily create a resume and cover letter to exactly match the role I am applying for. I recommend this to everyone, even if you're not looking for a new career at the moment.Ian P.

Impressed with the cover letter that was put together based on my uploaded resume. An excellent first pass!Kenneth G.

I loved it! I was able to complete a cover letter in under 20 minutes! The platform was super easy to navigate! Will definitely recommend!Damali W.

Key takeaways

  1. Use an AI cover letter generator to help kickstart your cover letter writing process. 
  2. Ensure that your cover letter includes quantifiable career achievements.
  3. Tailor your cover letter to the position or company you are applying to.  
  4. Edit AI-generated content to reflect your unique experiences and personality. 


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