Corporate Communications Specialist Interview Questions & Answers

Kellie Hanna, CPRW
By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: April 13, 2022
6 Common Questions For Corporate Communications Specialist

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Your resume and cover letter help you to get seen, which is important in the job-seeking process. That is why it is essential for you to take the time to properly craft your resume and cover letter so that they highlight and feature your best attributes in relation to the position you are seeking. However, in the end it is what you do once you are in your interview that is critical to determining whether you get the job. Especially in today’s job market, there are several different applicants trying to obtain the same position. You have to make yourself stand out, and the best way to do that is to provide unique answers that demonstrate your ability to fulfill the position. In order to accomplish that, here are a few common corporate communications specialist interview questions and answers. Review and utilize them a to develop you own unique answers. By doing so, you will create excellent answers to these and similar questions that you might face during your interview, which can help you to stand out to the hiring manager.

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6 Corporate Communications Specialist Interview Questions & Answers

Can you tell me about the last successful campaign you lead?

In my current position I was appointed the lead of a project in which we were marketing a client’s newest product. Since it was a digital program, I thought it would be best to do heavy social media marketing. After brainstorming with my team, we came up with the marketing concept and tested it on a select online test group. The test was a success, so we then began the full scale marketing campaign. I designated the various aspects of the project to different team members according to their strengths and oversaw the full implementation of the campaign until the end. The product was well-received in the target market, and is still heavily utilized today.

What methods do you use to manage accounts?

I believe that organization is key, so first and foremost I make sure to keep each account separate and all paperwork in order. Second, each day I evaluate my workload and order it according to overall priority. I also understand the importance of utilizing my team, and I delegate work out to different members. However, I am also careful not to put my work off on others, but I make sure they are completely prepared to complete the work and help out whenever possible.

Which of your skills make you an effective liaison?

I have a few different skills that I utilize, but listening and communicating are the most critical. You not only need to be a good speaker, you also need to be able to listen to be able to fully understand an issue and to be able to properly articulate it to others. Problem solving is also an important skill I utilize in my efforts. I have found that when I am able to resolve smaller issues myself, it frees up the team to be able to focus on greater issues and ultimately helps to increase efficiency in completion of the project.

What is your favourite form of marketing and why?

In today’s digital age I greatly enjoy social media marketing. It not only provides instant access to targeted audiences, it also provides a natural way to engage with those audiences. This helps to build trust, which is essential in effectively marketing a product. This particular platform also exposes you to various other audiences, which could become excellent target audiences. Such information is critical to the success of a campaign and proves to be quite invaluable. Social media is also great for its low cost and overall level of effectiveness and flexibility.

How comfortable are you with working with individuals with diverse backgrounds?

I am completely comfortable working with individuals with diverse backgrounds. Through my past positions I have worked with people of different cultures as well as different work experiences. Each individual is able to bring something unique to the table, which is a great help in creating new and dynamic campaigns. Also, people’s backgrounds help to develop their motives, and those motives help to drive the individual’s work performances. I have learned that when I understand and respect these factors, they can be used to advance the vision of the project.

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