Why Should We Hire You

Many interviewers make the same inquiries- such as the "why should we hire you" interview question. Even though this is one of the common interview questions- some jobseekers get stumped by the straightforward query. You might also hear employers put a different spin on the inquiry by saying "should we take a chance on you" or "how will you be successful in this position?" What are employers trying to learn when they ask this? They want to know what you think makes you hirable. The answer you give will highlight your values and strengths.

As you answer the question- the hiring manager will be comparing your values to the values of the company to see if you would be a good fit. Chances are the interviewer wants to make sure you understand what the position requires. Even though there is a lot riding on your answer- you do not have to be nervous. With the right preparation you can give a solid- well-thought out answer to this potentially troublesome interrogation.

How to Answer the 'Why Should We Hire You' Interview Question

Point to Your Past: Do you have an impressive accomplishment? Consider discussing an accomplishment or experience from your past that showcases how you could benefit the company at hand. If you take this route- you have to be careful. Talking about what you have done in the past can lead to bragging. You do not want to brag or oversell yourself. Stick to the story. Mention what you did to bring about a change for another company you worked for. Interviewers are often interested in the past because you may be able to achieve related goals for them in the future. If you do pick an achievement from your past- make sure it lines up with what the current company may need. If you improved sales at your old company- but the new company has nothing to do with sales- it may not be the best accomplishment to bring up.

Fix a Problem: Many hiring managers are trying to fill a position because of a problem they have. If you know what the problem is- let the interviewer know what you can do to fix it. Otherwise- imagine a problem the employer may have and what you can do to fix the perceived issue. Be careful to only use this method if you would really be able to help fix the issue should you get the job. Again- you do not want to oversell yourself. Give a tangible reason why you would be a good employee- such as you have experience in the necessary field or with a similar issue. You could also point out reasons why you would be good at creating solutions to the company's problems.

Talk About Your Skills: Another way you could answer the "why should we hire you" inquiry is by highlighting your more important and unique skills. As always- avoid being over- or under-confident. It is best if you can use specific examples from the workplace to explain why your skills or qualifications would be helpful for the job in question. As you think about the skills you would want to bring up when asked similar interview questions- you need to consider the job you are trying to get. Look at the job description and research the company. This will allow you to talk about the skills and qualifications you have that directly line up with the position you are trying to get.

Sample 'Why Should We Hire You' Interview Answers

1. As your job description states- you are looking for someone with the ability to generate new sale leads. I have 15 years of experience in sales lead generation- and I'm excited to use what I know for your company. The best part is I will be able to use my communication and people skills to help ensure an efficient transition from prospect to customer. I see this position as a smart step in my career. It builds on what I have done in the past- yet requires me to step out of my comfort zone and take on even more responsibilities. To put it plainly- you should hire me because I will be able to help the company not only get new leads- but gain new customers.

2. I have a lot of experience managing projects. At my last job- I was expected to manage four or five overlapping projects a month. This required I become very familiar with project management software and time management. I understand the importance of taking the reins while also delegating. I do not know what the other candidates will bring to the table- but I am ready to pass my knowledge on to the next generation of workers. If I were to get this leadership role- I would not only manage the projects- but I would also work hard to pass on some of my knowledge through delegation and other education opportunities.

With these tips you will be able to answer the most challenging interview questions with ease and get the job you are pursing.

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