Nail Technician Cover Letter Example + Tips

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When you are applying for an open position, it’s important to spend time writing a great cover letter. These letters can really help you to show your personality, as well as highlight ways that your skills are exactly what are needed for the advertised job.Using a free nail technician cover letter sample like this one is a smart way to help you get started writing your own. It can guide you and, by using the additional tips as well, help you make sure that you haven’t left anything out.

Dear Ms. Mallory,

I’m writing to apply for the position of nail technician at the Bellagio Spa. I’ve been doing manicures and pedicures for the last four years in a smaller spa downtown, specializing in advanced decorative techniques.

Doing nails is something that I really enjoy. I love being able to come up with a design that pleases my clients and seeing them leave happier and more confident than when they came in. It’s a way of providing great customer service while allowing me to use my creativity.

Due to area construction, business has fallen off at my current employment, so that I have far less customers than before. Not only does this impact my income, but I really miss doing the work. I’m the type of person that always likes to be busy, rather than sitting around in a break room.

I look forward to meeting with you and discussing more about some of the new designs I’ve developed and how they could be making your customers happier than ever. Thank you for your consideration.

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What to Include in a Nail Technician Cover Letter

This free nail technician cover letter sample is a great place to start, but you will want to change it to talk about your own particular experience and how it relates to the skills that are listed in the job posting. Rather than repeating your resume, use your letter as a chance to show what you are like on a personal level.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Use this free nail technician cover letter sample as a guide that you can then personalize for each specific job to which you apply, highlighting your experience and how it fits. In addition, you can add in these skills that are typically looked for in nail technicians.

● Customer service: It’s important that clients feel that they’ve been heard when they explain what they are looking for.
● Interpersonal skills: Being able to match the right style with each person when they aren’t sure what they want is a vital skill. Also, being able to keep up a conversation or stay in silence if that is the customer’s preference may keep them coming back.
● Manual dexterity: This is a critical skill for working with a small surface area, especially when more intricate designs are involved.
● Creativity: The technicians that can come up with creative designs as well as doing simple, more classic techniques are more likely to be in demand.