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Address: City, State, Zip Code
Phone: 000-000-0000
E-Mail: email@email.com


Caring, professional cosmetologist with 2+ years experience looking for a new role in an established salon. My skills in people pleasing, multitasking, and overall grooming and self-care would be an asset to your thriving salon.


  • Acrylic nail application master
  • Facials and makeup applications
  • Cuticle trimming safety knowledge
  • Standard waxing understanding
  • Product expertise
  • Clear communication
  • Nail treatments
  • Relationship building


Cosmetologist | One-Stop Spa | Company Name, City, State
  • Provide hair, skin and nail services as needed
  • Average four to six clients per day
  • Collaborate with team to provide all-at-once beauty services
  • Was most requested personal stylist
Cosmetologist | Pretty, Pretty You | Company Name, City, State
  • Focused on mani and pedis at parlor
  • Saw three to five clients per day on average
  • Performed haircuts and colors per request
  • Helped create product display
Salon Assistant | Pretty, Pretty You | Company Name, City, State
  • Supported reception efficiency by taking phone calls
  • Inputted appointments and collected payments
  • Kept work areas, tools and equipment clean and properly sanitized.


Associate of Applied Science: Cosmetology, City, State

Top 4 Characteristics of a Best-in-Class Cosmetologist Resume

  1. Summary Your summary statement is your first chance to make a first impression with an employer. Keep this section brief and concise, and introduce yourself in terms of your best skills and experience. Highlight work or abilities you have that separate you from the competition, such as receiving positive ratings for your services on Yelp.
  2. Skills Look over the job description, noting skills that the job requires (e.g., applying a wide range of hair coloring techniques, such as highlights, ombre and balayage). Be sure you address those skills in this section, mixing in both cosmetics knowledge and practices as well as important soft skills that help you provide superior service, such as excellent verbal communication, time management, patience and flexibility.
  3. Work history Focus on professional accomplishments that show off important abilities, such as laser treatments for tattoo and hair removal. When possible, quantify your achievements (e.g., “Trained and oversaw nail technicians for salon serving 50 clients per day”).
  4. Education In addition to your highest academic achievement (e.g., high school diploma or college degree), mention any cosmetology-related courses or training you’ve undertaken or passed. Highlight if you are a licensed practitioner.

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Do’s and Don’ts for Your Resume

  • Do keep your resume to one page Recruiters usually take only a few seconds to read through a resume–the longer your document, the more chance you have of important information being overlooked. We recommend limiting your resume to one page, and keeping your work history within the last 10 years. Keep your bullet points brief, and focus only on skills and accomplishments that tie in with cosmetology.
  • Do include relevant personal accomplishments If you’ve taken on personal projects or activities that showcase skills that are applicable to cosmetology (e.g., running your own cosmetics blog), be sure to mention them in your resume. Remember that personal activities can be used as evidence of both technical and soft skills that resonate with the job. You can group these types of pursuits under a section titled “Activities.”
  • Do optimize for applicant tracking systems Many organizations now use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to screen resumes and find the right candidates. These systems track keywords and phrases, so make sure your resume includes the right keywords by matching the skills and experiences you have with the job posting — most employers will set their ATS based on the job description.
  • Don’t list unrelated, random hobbies Chances are your passion for gardening or playing soccer won’t impress employers who want to know about your cosmetology qualifications. If you mention activities and hobbies, make sure they have some bearing on the job, such as reading fashion magazines in order to learn about the latest beauty trends.
  • Don’t make your bullet points too long When writing your work history section, keep your descriptions of job duties and accomplishments brief and to-the-point. As a general rule of thumb, try to keep your bullet points no more than two lines long. This will make it easier for recruiters to navigate your resume, and prevent your document from getting cluttered up with dense text.
  • Don’t forget to proofread Studies show that nothing turns a recruiter off faster than a resume with silly mistakes. Make sure your resume is error-free before submitting it by re-reading it a few times for typos and grammatical errors. This is also the time to review your content, and make sure you’re getting your point across in concise, accurate fashion. Double-check your facts and dates.

Cosmetologist Resume FAQs

1. What are the skills you should emphasize for this specific job?

Being a successful cosmetologist requires a specific blend of soft and hard skills:

  • Interest in current beauty trends: You should keep yourself updated with the latest cosmetic methods and applications. Providing your client with up-to-date treatments is a must.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills: Keeping your clients happy and satisfied is your ultimate job. An accommodating attitude and a pleasant personality are crucial for this industry.
  • Efficient active listener: Stay on top of client requirements through superior communication skills. Ask questions and collaborate with your client to arrive at a satisfying end result.
  • Maintaining personal hygiene and staying well-groomed: Think of yourself as the ambassador of your work. Keeping nails clean, wearing a neat hairstyle, and maintaining a neat and stylish appearance will help customers feel more comfortable using your services.
  • Efficient time management: Cosmetology involves working with multiple clients on a daily basis. how that you can manage your time effectively, especially when it comes to treatments that are time-sensitive.
  • Dexterity: You’ll be using many intricate and small tools on customers’ skin, hair or body of the customer, making manual dexterity a top prerequisite.

2. What are some examples of training and certifications that fit this specific resume?

In your education section, list training you’ve had in salon settings, as well as programs at cosmetology schools. Be sure to also include any professional certifications you have from accredited state schools.

3. How should you format your resume?

If you lack experience as a cosmetologist, use a functional format for your resume, which places the spotlight on the skills you already have. If you have a few years of experience, use the combination format, which presents a mix of your best work accomplishments and skills.

4. How should you handle employment gaps?

Be honest about employment gaps. Use a combination format for your resume, which emphasizes your relevant skills and prior work experience rather than a continuous work history. Also, show examples of activities or training you may have had during times of unemployment that show you’ve been diligent about continuing to develop your skills.

5. What if I have no experience?

If you have just graduated or if you’re looking for your first job, your resume should show passion and elaborate on the skills that you have developed through training and non-professional experiences, such as volunteer work. Provide a list of all your applicable skills such as communication, flexibility, team management, customer service, dexterity, and create an “Activities” section where you can elaborate projects that have helped you develop these skills. Finally, mention your drive and focus to learn and work hard in your summary.