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Featured resume example: esthetician

Esthetician Charismatic ComboE


Address: City, State, Zip Code
Phone: 000-000-0000
E-Mail: email@email.com


Esthetician with 3+ years of experience ready to take my passion to the next level at Serenity and Bliss Day Spa. Your spa’s mission is in complete alignment with my detailed product knowledge and holistic approach to skin care that leaves every client glowing.


  • Fully Licensed Louisiana esthetician
  • Facial treatment specialty focusing on sensitive skin
  • Member of the Aesthetic International Association
  • Active in specialized technique seminars and classes
  • Extensive all-natural skin product knowledge


  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Client consultation
  • Product knowledge
  • Facials
  • Body scrubs
  • Strong communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Spa retail sales


Esthetician 04/2018 to Current
Company Name, City, State
  • Handle all spa needs for clients dealing with dry skin, eczema, chronic dermatitis and psoriasis
  • See average of three to four repeat clients per day
  • Administer problem-unique facial treatments
  • Design and outline home regiments to clients
Esthetician 10/2016 to 03/2018
Company Name, City, State
  • Began as assistant at boutique facial spa, promoted to full-time esthetician in six months
  • Maintained bustling schedule at this $1.3 million/year business
  • Attended industry seminars to gain superior product knowledge
  • Most positive Yelp! mentions amongst staff


Certificate of Completion: Esthetic Program 09/2016, City, State

Top 4 characteristics of a best-in-class esthetician resume

  1. Summary Give employers an overview of your best traits and experiences, all within a few sentences. Where you can, mention specific skills that fulfill the requirements of the specific job you’re seeking. For example, if the position calls for experience in lash extensions and lash lifts, look for experiences in your own background that address this requirement, and write a summary statement such as: “Efficient, hard-working Esthetician with 3+ years experience in lash extensions and lifts for salon attracting 50+ clients a day.”
  2. Skills Feature skills that align with the job you are seeking, based on the job duties and requirements in the job listing, such as expertise in chemical peels or LED light therapy. Don’t forget to mention soft skills that are an important part of the job, such as being an excellent communicator or having a positive attitude.
  3. Work history Esthetics, as a profession, is highly based on recognition and repeat customers. Make sure to highlight accomplishments that show you’re capable of drawing and retaining clients, as well as positive customer reviews of your work. Mention work duties that tie in with what the job requires, such as scar or stretch mark removal.
  4. Education Include your training in esthetician programs from state-approved schools, as well as any state licenses and certifications you have in the field.

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Find the right template for your resume

Ensure your resume gets a professional look by using one of these employer-ready designs:


This dual-column layout makes full use of document space, while the slight shade of color for the header, along with the bold font for the job applicant’s name, achieves a striking look.


The use of color for this layout’s header, plus the monogram design for the job seeker’s name, provides a strong impression, while the rest of the design makes room for a clean and concise display of information.


Subtle “dot” graphic elements help present skills and work history cleanly, while the streamlined layout allows you to customize each section easily.

Discover more free layouts you can use to create your own customized resume at our resume templates page.

Do’s and don’ts for your resume

  • Do use a summary statement instead of an objective statement Objective statements, in which you declare your career goals, are mostly a thing of the past when it comes to resumes. Employers are more interested to know what you can do for them. A summary statement focuses on skills and experiences that apply directly to employer requirements — use this as your “elevator pitch” to tell employers who you are, and why you should be hired.
  • Optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems (ATS) Many employers now use an ATS, which scans and scores resumes based on how well they match up with the job description. To ace an ATS scan, optimize your resume by using a straightforward layout with standard fonts, and make sure your skills and achievements are lined up with the skills and job duties listed in the job posting.
  • Do make sure job titles and company names stand out As you list your previous job roles, use a layout that shows employer names and job titles using a slightly larger font size, or bold or italic font. This makes it easier for recruiters to skip from job to job while reviewing your resume.
  • Don’t go overboard with your resume styling and fonts A striking look might seem appropriate for an esthetician resume, but it shouldn’t overshadow your information. Don’t use wild colors and funky fonts that might confuse or distract recruiters from what’s really important: your actual qualifications. A straightforward layout also gives you a better chance of passing an ATS, which can sometimes find it difficult to decipher resumes with unorthodox fonts or designs.
  • Don’t give unnecessary, redundant information Needless information about irrelevant skills, hobbies, and work experience only distracts from your relevant abilities. Always make sure the information you provide directly addresses the job description, and modify your resume for each job opportunity, depending on what the employer needs.
  • Don’t send your resume in the wrong file format Employers will have different requirements for submitting your resume, from sending in MS Word or pdf to even inputting your resume in a form on a website. Be sure to save your resume in the correct format, and make sure it looks neat and organized in that format. For a boost, you can use our Resume Builder, which gives you the option of saving your document in all major file formats, including plain text, with no presentation issues.

Esthetician resume FAQ

1. What are the skills you should emphasize for this specific job?

  • In-depth knowledge of various skin types and cosmetic methods: Every client’s skin has a different texture and requires different treatments.
  • Active listening skills:You should be able to listen, collaborate and accommodate clients in providing the best possible treatment plan.
  • Time management: In a busy work environment, you must be able to stay on top of your duties, especially for time-sensitive treatments.
  • Product knowledge: Show that you understand which products are best for your client, as well as having the marketing and sales skills to recommend and sell products for at-home use.

2. What are some examples of training and certifications that fit this specific resume?

For this job, you should complete an esthetician program from a state-approved school, and have a state license for cosmetology, which is usually gained by passing written and practical examinations from an accredited cosmetology school. To take the next career step, look into a master esthetician license, which includes advanced studies into areas such as histology, advanced skin disorders and different therapies.

3. Which resume format is best to use?

  • The chronological format zeroes-in on your employment history, which makes it a good option for more senior-level jobs that prize experience above all else.
  • The functional format provides an expanded skills section, which works well for those without job experience, or who are entering the job market for the first time.
  • The combination resume format combines the elements of the chronological and functional formats, and is popular for those who have a few years of experience but might be switching career fields, or are applying for mid-level positions. This format features both relevant skills and work experiences.

4. Should I list hobbies and interests?

You can include hobbies and interests if they show off abilities that tie in with esthetician work (e.g., running a side-business that shows you can attract a loyal client base). List these types of activities under a section called “Activities” under your work history section (or in place of a work section if you don’t have much professional experience). But don’t include activities that have no connection with the job — being the captain of your club soccer team is commendable, but it won’t help you be a better esthetician.

5. How long should your resume be?

The general rule of thumb is to keep your resume one-page long, unless you’re applying for a job that requires a ton of experience — in that case, focus on an extensive work history section, but don’t extend past two pages. In all cases, it’s best to keep your content brief and concise. Use punchy statements and bullet points, and stay on target when it comes to presenting abilities and qualifications that match up with employer requirements.