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Dance Instructor Cover Letter Example + Tips

Think of a cover letter like an audition. You want to open it professionally, show the hiring manager your abilities, and end cordially, all within a short period of time. Consulting a free dance instructor cover letter sample like the one below and studying the writing tips can help you decide how to proceed with your own letter.

Dear Mr. Robson,

A goal of mine since high school has been to have a dance instructor position in a community studio. My variety of dance style experience and my experience working with children makes me an ideal dance instructor for Shooting Star Dance Academy.

Starting out in an academy much like Shooting Star, I took a variety of dance lessons from a young age. When I got into high school, I was still taking dance lessons in modern, tap, and hip-hop styles as well as competing on my high school dance team. In my senior year of high school and into college, I assisted the Summer Dance for Kids program and taught classes in beginning ballet and tap with the youngest students. This experience gave me a chance to grow my communication and class leadership skills.

When I studied dance at Regents College, I performed in many dance and theatrical productions in the jazz, modern, and ballroom dance styles. Now that I have earned my degree in dance performance and education, I am looking for a position that will utilize my skills.

I believe I understand the goals of a community dance studio to introduce dance to children and grow their skills to the fullest. I appreciate your consideration of me for this dance instructor position, and I look forward to discussing it with you in person.

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What to Include in a Dance Instructor Cover Letter

Use the opportunity provided by a cover letter to highlight points from your resume that best apply to the particular dance instructor position that you are going for. Keep your letter under one page long to give the interviewer a brief look at your skills and experience that will make him or her want to continue on to your resume. In addition to the ideas from the free dance instructor cover letter sample, make sure to mirror the language in the job description as much as possible.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

While it is best to tailor your letter to your personal abilities and use the guidance of the free dance instructor cover letter sample, here are some ideas for skills that could be included in your cover letter.

● Athleticism and stamina: Dance instructors must model athleticism and stamina to their students and demonstrate dance moves and routines.
● Creativity: Dance instructors often choreograph routines for their students and need to be able to express feelings through movements.
● Interpersonal skills: Being able to communicate well with both students and their parents is a must in this profession.
● Leadership skills: Instructors must be able to engage the class and teach effectively.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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