Delivery Driver Cover Letter Example + Tips

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Delivery Driver Cover Letter Example

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What It’s Like to Work in the Delivery Driver Field

Wherever you go, there are delivery drivers. At any given time, almost one million people are working as delivery drivers. They deliver flowers, food, jewelry, furniture, hazardous materials and much more. Delivery drivers are expected to have solid driving records, because while getting their packages in on time is a priority, so is public safety.
The delivery driver cover letter needs to carefully delineate a candidate’s excellent driving record, an ability to communicate and interact with customers, having enough math skills to deal with money, and the organizational and verbal skill to follow and relay instructions. Though GPS has made travel a lot easier, they should be familiar with local roads and be able to read maps. A hiring manager will be looking for all this in the delivery driver cover letter.

Benefits of Working in the Delivery Driver Field

The delivery driver opportunity is available to anyone, regardless of age, education, background, etc. They may need to have some traits, such as the ability to carry packages, but overall It’s a great field for anyone that needs full time, part time or flexible hours. While some positions may only require a basic driver’s license, many need a commercial license. In some cases, a candidate may need to pass a physical exam given by the Department of Transportation. The good news is the more skills and certifications acquired, the greater the compensation.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

A delivery driver cover letter is the surest way to let hiring managers know your resume is worth more than a cursory glance. And the best way to ensure that happens is by taking advantage of the many tools at MyPerfectResume. It is a wealth of resources for crafting an introduction that will appeal to hiring managers in the delivery driver industry.
Delivery drivers take any variety of goods from place to place. This can be anything from groceries to furniture. It is a job that requires a responsible and licensed candidate. This is because a delivery driver spends his day on the road and is expected to fulfill their obligations without a lot of supervision. Whether it’s delivering a truckload of computers or crates of milk, upon arrival the driver now represents the company. They are expected to provide a level of customer service here that keeps everyone happy. The delivery driver cover letter has to highlight all these traits if a candidate expects to get that face-to-face with a hiring manager. Qualifications Delivery drivers carry a range of goods and utilize as equal a number of vehicles. A delivery driver will need to verify they have all the proper credentials for the desired position. This should be done in detail on the resume but qualifications should be mentioned in the delivery driver cover letter. For a lot of positions, a valid driver’s license may be all that’s needed as long as the vehicle is covered by a Class 5 license. If driving a different type of vehicle, a higher class of license is going to be required, or a unique certification or CDL. A candidate may need training if they are carrying unusual loads, such as hazardous materials. For any delivery driver, the most important aspect of their background is going to be a solid history behind the wheel. Salaries The delivery driver salary is as varied as it gets. These individuals are paid based on a number of factors that can include what they haul, how long the trips are, experience, etc. Delivering beer is quite different from delivering potentially toxic chemicals or jewelry and the pay is going to reflect this. Still, even taking all this into account, the median salary of a delivery driver can be close to 45,000 dollars. Sample Delivery Driver Cover Letter Below is an excellent sample of a delivery driver cover letter. It contains all the elements a candidate should take into consideration when writing. Every cover letter should be unique to the position applied to, using similar language as the job posting. It’s a great way to catch a hiring manager’s eye.