School Bus Driver Cover Letter Example + Tips

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Grab the attention of employers with a job application cover letter that gets noticed. As an introduction to an employer, your cover letter is an important document. It should always accompany an application. It provides a great opportunity to promote your skills and highlight accomplishments or awards. This free school bus driver cover letter sample and creative tips can help you get started.

Dear Ms. Moon,

I am writing to you today to apply for the school bus driver position at your school district. I believe my experience and skills make me a great candidate for this job.

I have driven a school bus for about 14 years. Your job posting asks for a driver “who can provide a safe environment for children while maintaining authority and control of the environment.” Safety guidelines are of great importance and I am strict in enforcing them, responding quickly to all situations that may involve bullying, fighting or unsafe movements on the bus.

I enjoy working with youth and am able to build camaraderie with bus occupants. As a safety-conscious driver, I stay up to date on all new regulations and participate in training. I have been recognized by previous employers as a safe and reliable driver.

I am licensed by the state of Texas to drive passenger vehicles, including a school bus, and can start work immediately. I would enjoy speaking with you directly about my qualifications.

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What to Include in a School Bus Driver Cover Letter

Here are some pointers based on our free school bus driver cover letter sample. Use the same language in your cover letter that is used in the job posting. This makes it easier for the employer to verify that you have the needed skills. Avoid using clichés, be professional in your writing, and stay focused on the job and your ability to perform it. Address the letter directly to the hiring manager (if you can’t find the name online, make a quick call to the school district).

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Be sure to address specific job skills from the posting. Here are some important attributes that you can focus on in your letter, along with the information in the free school bus driver cover letter sample above.

● Customer service: Bus drivers interact throughout the day with passengers, so they must be helpful and courteous.
● Health requirements: Drivers must pass vision tests and have at least 20/40 vision and good enough hearing to understand a forced whisper at five feet. Federal guidelines ban anyone with medical conditions, such as epilepsy or high blood pressure, from becoming a bus driver.
● Patience: Traffic jams and noisy passengers can help create a stressful situation. Bus drivers should stay calm and in control when driving.
● Licensing: A commercial driver’s license is required. You must also have a clean driving record to be considered for this position.