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Truck Driver Cover Letter Example

Truck Driver Cover Letter

When looking for a position in the trucking industry, it helps to be prepared with a clear, concise resume and a personalized truck driver cover letter to further set you apart from other applicants. A truck driver cover letter is like any other cover letter in that it presents an overview of your qualifications for the particular job you are applying for. Unlike a resume, a truck driver cover letter should be specific to each position and focus on how you can be an asset to that particular employer.

Job Description

A truck driver cover letter should clearly explain why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Before choosing a cover letter, clearly understand your job duties. Truck driver duties depend on the type of truck you’ll be driving and the specific needs of the company. Truck drivers are typically responsible for following all state and federal safety regulations, properly loading and unloading freight and maintaining accurate records and logs.

Education Requirements

Your truck driver cover letter should also include your related education and training. To be a truck driver, you need at least a high school diploma or the equivalent. Some companies require some prior experience while others provide on-the-job training. A class “D” license is required to drive straight trucks and a class “A” license is required to drive articulated trucks. If you operate a vehicle with air brakes, you’ll need air brake endorsements. Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certification is required if the job involves transporting hazardous products.

Salary Range

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a truck driver is 49,000 dollars per year. Truck driver salaries range from 21,000 dollars annually for a bulk truck driver to 75,000 dollars annually for an Otr CDL truck driver. The average hourly wage for a truck driver is just over 18 dollars an hour. The demand for heavy and tractor-trailer drivers is expected to increase approximately 11 percent through 2022. A truck driver cover letter should include realistic salary expectations. MyPerfectResume can serve as a starting point when putting together an effective truck driver cover letter.

Truck Driver Cover Letter Sample