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Diesel Mechanic Cover Letter Example

Diesel Mechanic Cover Letter

An ideal candidate for diesel mechanic job should know their way around a diesel engine and enjoy working with their hands. A diesel mechanic cover letter is an excellent way to put related skills in a clear, concise form that catches the eye of a prospective employer. To further achieve this goal, a diesel mechanic cover letter and accompanying resume should be customized to what each employer is looking for in a qualified job-seeker.

Job Description and Duties

A diesel mechanic diagnoses and fixes problems with diesel engines. A diesel mechanic cover letter should reference any experience related to the expected job duties such as maintaining, inspecting, repairing and overhauling trucks, buses and any other vehicle operating with a diesel engine. Diesel mechanics and service technicians generally work in a well-vented and often noisy vehicle repair shop. Some employers send diesel mechanics to perform roadside assistance service for customers within their general service area. Most employers offer full-time employment that includes weekday, evening and weekend shifts with overtime sometimes offered when a job needs to be done within a specific time period.

Education and Training

While a resume is more detailed when it comes to education and training, a diesel mechanic cover letter should be tailored to only relevant skills. Many diesel mechanics learn through on-the-job experience. Some applicants do better if they have industry certification or some previous training. Individuals with post-secondary training in diesel engine repair tend to be more appealing to employers. For this reason, a diesel mechanic cover letter should emphasize any education or training beyond high school.

Job and Salary Outlook

The job outlook for a diesel mechanic is good for those with the skills for this niche-oriented profession. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the expected growth in this field is 9 percent through 2022. This is about average when compared to similar occupations. The average salary for a diesel mechanic is approximately 43,300 dollars with a median wage of about 20 dollars per hour. MyPerfectResume can help qualified candidates organize their skills in a way that stands out from other applicants vying for the same position. For an idea of how to put together your diesel mechanic cover letter, please see the example below.

Diesel Mechanic Cover Letter Sample