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Personal Vehicle Advisor Cover Letter Example + Tips

personal vehicle advisor cover letter example

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What It’s Like to Work as a Personal Vehicle Advisor

If you have a passion for cars, a career as a Personal Vehicle Advisor is for you. Primary duties include selling both new and used vehicles. You’ll be expected to develop a professional rapport with each customer by taking the time to determine what they’re looking for in a vehicle. Your people skills will definitely come in handy while finding the perfect match between driver and vehicle. You’re likely to be achieving this goal by offering test drives and presenting convenient payment plans and financing options to each customer.

Benefits of Working as a Personal Vehicle Advisor

As long as you’re wiling to work flexible schedules, often including evenings and weekends, you’re likely to benefit from steady hours and, with acquired experience, placement on shifts where you’re likely to deal encounter more car buyers. You can expect a fair compensation plus, in some cases, a commission for each vehicle that is purchased as a result of your efforts. It should be noted that some positions are salaried, especially from more established dealerships that differentiate between sales associate and Personal Vehicle Advisor positions.

Why You Need a Personal Vehicle Advisor Cover Letter

A Personal Vehicle Advisor cover letter is essential in today’s competitive environment to set your resume apart from a sea of nearly identical resumes. A well-structured cover letter gives you an opportunity to mention some of your unique characteristics and qualifications while highlighting some of your relevant skills found in detail on your attached resume. Since a cover letter is meant to be specific to a single employer, adding some references to your perspective employer’s dealership can certainly benefit you. Ready to get started on your own Personal Vehicle Advisor cover letter? Check out the detailed templates on MyPerfectResume.


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