Physical Therapist Assistant Cover Letter Example + Tips

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A cover letter is a great tool that, when written correctly, conveys to an employer how your skills and experiences relate to the requirements in the advertised job opening. The purpose of your cover letter is to work with your resume to show the employer that you are the best fit for his or her organization. Start out with some research on the company to which you are applying. Then, use our free physical therapist assistant cover letter sample as a template to get you started.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

As a state certified physical therapist assistant, I feel confident that I have the skills necessary to fill the opening in your team. I believe I bring with me a set of unique skills that makes me a perfect fit for this position.

In 2014 I graduated at the top of my class, earning an associate’s degree from the University of State. My education prepared me to be a self-assured, competent, and service-oriented care provider. I communicate well with patients and other healthcare providers in order to provide patients with the best care possible.

During clinical training, I was able to work in a hands-on environment with actual patients. I always received positive feedback from all those in my care. I am a compassionate and hardworking individual. Recovering from an illness or injury is never easy. I am there to assist not only my supervising physical therapist but also the patient to reduce his or her pain and recover movement.

I believe my background, skills, and personality make me a good fit for the physical therapist assistant position with Nationwide Physical Therapy Center. I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to sitting down with you to further discuss my qualifications.

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What to Include in a Physical Therapist Assistant Cover Letter

When plugging your unique qualifications into our free physical therapist assistant cover letter sample, it is important to constantly relate those skills back to the skills required of the position being advertised. Highlight talents and experiences that your prospective employer would value. When determining what an employer is looking for, consider the language of the job posting and your knowledge of the employer’s work. Be sure to greet the reader personally, and then thank him or her at the end.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Take the ideas presented in the free physical therapist assistant cover letter sample and then incorporate some of the following qualifications that are helpful when applying for a physical therapist assistant job:

● Strength and flexibility: You are helping injured individuals move about. It is important to ensure their safety while you are working with them.
● Compassion: Going through physical therapy is stressful for the patient, and they may take it out on you. They need your compassion in these moments.
● Professional behavior: When working with disabled people it is important to remain professional in all respects.
● Organization: You may be handling your therapist’s paperwork.