Research Associate Cover Letter Example + Tips

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A well written cover letter will increase your chances of being asked to participate in an interview. It is important to tailor your cover letter for a research associate position so that it indicates your knowledge of the field. Consult the free research associate cover letter sample and accompanying writing advice below to find help and inspiration when crafting your own job application.

Dear Mr. Hughes,

Today’s jobs require that employees have a strong desire to continually improve their skills and are knowledgeable about the most contemporary methods. My educational experience and strong mathematical and analytical skills make me the ideal candidate for the research associate position.

My educational background is in data analysis. I had the beneficial opportunity to work as an assistant in a large company while obtaining my degree. This experience allowed me to hone my analytical skills while learning the critical thinking and decision making that are necessary in the position of research associate.

Your job listing indicates that you are searching for an individual who is capable of not only using statistical techniques, but who will also use variety of software. My contemporary education has prepared me with the knowledge of a variety of computer programs, but more importantly it has given me the ability to learn software quickly and easily. This flexibility and adaptability will benefit me in the position of research associate.

I am eager to begin a position that will allow me to use my skills and talents. Thank you so much for your consideration, and I look forward to discussing my application with you in an interview situation.

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What to Include in a Research Associate Cover Letter

A cover letter, like the above free research associate cover letter sample, should clearly and concisely convey detailed information. The first paragraph should include the position you are applying for and a statement explaining why you are the best candidate for the job. The last paragraph should summarize the information presented in letter in a way that emphasizes your strong candidacy for the position, and should include an invitation to speak with you in an interview setting. The body of your letter should be one or two paragraphs that use language that is similar to what was stated in the job description.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The cover letter you write should indicate your own skills and experiences. If you need inspiration beyond the above free research associate cover letter sample, consider including some of the following skills.

● Critical thinking skills: Determining what strategies are best for each project and deciding what skills are necessary to complete each task are often important in this associate position.
● Detail oriented: Maintaining a large amount of information accurately is needed as a research associate.
● Analytical skills: The ability to assess and maintain a large amount of detailed information is necessary as a research associate.
● Communications skills: Research associates need strong communications skills to gather, research, interpret, and present information.