Political Adviser Resume Example

Kellie Hanna, CPRW
By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: October 11, 2022
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Political Adviser Resume ExamplePolitical Adviser Resume Questions

1. What format should your political adviser resume be in?

Craft your resume to showcase your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. This starts with choosing an optimal resume format. The political adviser resume sample is a chronological resume, which organizes work history from most to least recent. Select this format to make your resume easy to read and draw attention to prestigious employers.

The functional resume focuses on transferable skills and minimizes a lack of experience. If you have a patchy work history or limited experience in the industry, this is the format for you. You can also combine these two styles into a hybrid format. This might begin with your achievements in the field before detailing your work experience.

2. How do you write an objective statement for a political adviser resume?

Unless you are a new jobseeker or changing fields, remove the resume objective from your resume and replace it with the summary statement. The summary statement is your elevator pitch selling your brand: two or three descriptive sentences that tell who you are and why you’d be an outstanding hire. Point out what sets you apart from other candidates and spotlight exceptional skills.

3. What does a good political adviser resume look like?

A good political adviser resume should be visually impactful. The header should be professional while still demonstrating style and personality. This could be as simple as using a font that contrasts with the rest of the document. Section titles should be in larger font and bolded to create a structure for your resume. Using bullet points, as in the political adviser resume sample, breaks up an otherwise monotonous look. They also provide better organization for your skills, making them easier to read.

4. What can you do to make your political adviser resume stand out?

Begin by considering what makes you unique as a candidate. This may be as simple as being multilingual or having special knowledge of a political region. You should also push your soft skills. Whereas hard skills are teachable abilities such as writing, soft skills are intangible attributes such as interpersonal ability. Make hiring managers take a closer look by including examples of soft skills in your job responsibilities. The political adviser resume sample makes repeated mentions of the applicant’s coordination efforts. This is a subtle way to draw attention to the ability to manage people and events.

5. How do you describe achievements on your political adviser resume?

Detailing your achievements on a resume means describing success without bragging. Walk this line by keeping your descriptions matter of fact and avoid overselling. If your achievement is truly noteworthy, a simple statement can do it justice. You may include these in your summary statement or job history. Our resume builder can help you create personalized achievements on your resume. This is an excellent resource if you want step-by-step assistance in putting your best foot forward.

Resume Text

Ian Johnson
123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Passionate Political Adviser who can bring comprehensive organization and dedication to campaign management and political analysis. Skilled at analyzing political climates and determining action, coordinating funding and scheduling, and handling media relations. Specialize at conducting polling and research to determine political status.


  • Fund raising
  • Media and public relations
  • Political analysis
  • Budgeting and scheduling
  • Research
  • Campaign coordination
  • Energetic
  • Dependable

Work Experience

January 2009 to March 2015 Office of Senator Dodson
— City, State Political Adviser

  • Conducted polling and research to assess candidate status and public perception
  • Analyzed political environment to determine appropriate courses of action, including campaign platforms and public relations campaigns
  • Managed the budgeting and scheduling of fundraising activities and travel

June 2004 to December 2009 Office of Congressman Leaworth
— City, State Political Adviser

  • Provided senior consulting duties including conducting research and analysis
  • Assisted in the development of campaign platforms and positions, coordinated with congressman to determine positions
  • Coordinated public relations campaigns, handled and communicated with media, reviewed advertisements and other PR media

June 2000 to May 2004 Company Name
— City, State Political Adviser

  • Conducted polling and research on candidate status and approval, review and analyzed polling to determine appropriate course of action
  • Coordinated with funding manager to find schedule fundraisers, find donors and process donations and funding -Collaborated with campaign manager to assess resources and campaign status


1999 Michigan State University, City, State Bachelor of Science in Political Science