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Free Shipping Cover Letter Example


While the ideal resume is crucial when applying for a job, a well-written cover letter can considerably enhance the possibilities of getting an interview. It allows you to expand on your resume by relating your industry-specific achievements, talents, and background to highlight why you are a qualified applicant and the best fit for the position. Read this free shipping cover letter sample to see how to create your letter.

Free Shipping Cover Letter Sample

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Dear Mr. Talbot,

I enjoy working in high volume environments. A busy warehouse is a source of motivation for me. As a highly enthusiastic individual with over five years of industry-related experience, I believe I am the ideal fit for the shipping clerk position at SafeCo Shipping.

With a strong background in all aspects of shipping, I am looking to join a team that exceeds operational performance standards. I have extensive expertise manipulating a mixture of automated machines, and I am forklift certified. Also, I have well-honed insight into maintaining product inventory efficiently.

My highly developed awareness of standard shipping terminology and shipping methodologies have resulted in my being a confident team member. I have received numerous recognitions from executive leadership for my ability to train staff and manage challenging transportation duties, including labeling projects and item accuracy, which both require a high attention to detail.

I am especially interested in working for SafeCo Shipping because of your challenging and dynamic environment. I am enclosing my resume for your review and hope to hear from you soon to discuss the possibility of joining your company. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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What to Include in a Shipping Cover Letter

Regardless of what you decide to include, don’t just restate what you list on your resume. Your cover letter needs to exhibit distinct and intriguing details. Another helpful tip you can see from this free shipping cover letter sample is that your letter should be four paragraphs long and a single page. Borrow language from the job description, include details of your background, add a statement of thanks in the conclusion, and address a particular person or company in the opening.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

It is essential to tailor your cover letter to your target audience, and our free shipping cover letter sample exhibits the advantages of combining skills with your expertise. Here are some of the qualities that are beneficial for shipping clerks to add to their cover letter.

• Communication skills: Much of shipping specialist’s time is spent interacting with other team members, making expert communication a fundamental characteristic.
• Analytical: You must be able to analyze procedures and discover new methods for boosting efficiency.
• Detail oriented: Shipping clerks need to pay attention to details across a broad array of tasks, from ensuring compliance to managing equipment purchases.
• Organizational: You need to be able to find and prepare products for shipping quickly and efficiently.