Courier Cover Letter Example + Tips

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To get calls or emails for job interviews, you need a stellar resume and solid cover letter. Each document must stand on its own, so don’t fashion your cover letter as a repeat of your resume. Use your cover letter to demonstrate knowledge of your industry. It should highlight your qualifications and provide narrative snapshots of your educational or professional background. Check out the free courier cover letter sample and accompanying tips below to get ideas for your own approach.

Dear Ms. Blanco,

I appreciate that the freelance courier job posting on your website is short and sweet, because a courier should be a model of efficiency and pleasantness. Here is why I believe I am an ideal fit for the job:

First, I maintain my vehicle well. It is a 2007 Chevrolet Suburban capable of carrying the packages you require. I have detailed knowledge of the Salem area, as I grew up here and know many shortcuts. I also am familiar with the rhythm of traffic, including daily peaks and lows. I am also highly organized and have never misplaced any paperwork.

My professionalism is another main reason that you should hire me. I represent my clients well and always with a smile. Furthermore, I possess the physical fitness level required for the job, as I am able to lift up to 70 pounds at one time. I am reliable, punctual, and available during evenings and weekends.

With my credentials and your needs, we could have a profitable working relationship. I am grateful you have taken the time to review this letter, and I hope we can meet for an interview to discuss my candidacy.

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What to Include in a Courier Cover Letter

As you can see from this free courier cover letter sample, your introductory document needs to be professional and courteous. For example, you should address a specific person in the salutation and then thank that person for his or her time in the closing paragraph. The letter should be no more than four paragraphs in length. Ultimately, it should offer separate details that flesh out information from your resume.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Our free courier cover letter sample addresses the importance of professionalism and organization. You should customize your letter according to your own skills and what the job description lists. Generally, however, employers like the following qualities in a courier.

● Punctuality: Deliveries must be made on time in order to foster customer loyalty and keep customers happy.
● Organization: In order for deliveries to arrive on time, couriers must schedule their days, map out routes, and be aware of local events that might delay traffic.
● Record-keeping: Couriers should keep a thorough record of when packages were delivered, who signed for them, and so on.
● Physical fitness: Van couriers often handle heavy packages, while bicycle couriers can spend hours pedaling across the city.